The #1 Thing You Can Do to Protect Your Brand

Mary Ellen Power, June 8, 2015

In Q4 2014, Deloitte published its Global Survey on Reputation Risk, reporting that "87% of executives rate reputation risk as more important than other strategic risks." In fact, nearly 60% of companies surveyed by Deloitte confirmed their intention to put more emphasis on protecting their brand and reputation.

As an e-signature provider, this directly mirrors a trend we are seeing among companies of all sizes. For years now, senior executives have been sharing concerns with us over the fact that displaying a vendor’s logo and/or brand as part of the signing ceremony UI is a risk.




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Risk aversion in the market has been a strong driver behind the branding customization and white-labelling capabilities in our OneSpan Sign offering. Clearly, when an e-signature vendor’s logo and brand are a prominent part of the e-signature experience, the customer associates the two entities. If the vendor experiences a security or data breach, even though it is completely unrelated to you, it could well have a spillover effect that impacts your company by association. (The globally connected world is a small world and bad news travels instantaneously through social networks. Think of the 2014 data breaches at Sony, Home Depot and Target, to name just a few.)

Deloitte captures it perfectly when they say:

"The growing reliance on third-party supply partners and vendors means that a company’s reputation often hinges on actions far beyond its direct control. In this complex and rapidly changing business environment, what can a company do to protect its reputation and maximize the value of its brand?"[1]

Your brand matters

The advice we give our customers is to white label the entire e-sign experience. This is the #1 thing you can do to protect your brand and achieve the highest adoption rates possible. Considering that, "on average more than 25% of a company’s market value is directly attributable to its reputation"[2], protecting your brand is critical.

However many e-signature providers, including DocuSign, don’t want to remove their brand from your e-signing ceremony. And when they do, in many cases the process to enable customization is difficult. At OneSpan, we approach this differently to focus on your success. We are known as the white-labelled solution behind some of the most trusted brands and security conscious-organizations in the world. In fact, if you’ve ever opened a bank account or applied for insurance online for example, you probably used OneSpan Sign without even knowing it!

OneSpan is the only e-signature provider that enables you to completely white-label every aspect of the e-signature process. This includes giving you the ability to:

  • Integrate with your SMTP servers to allow emails to be sent from your domain (e.g., instead of ours.
  • Customize the colors, logo and the visibility of elements such as header, navigation bar, footer, etc.
  • Customize the content and look-and-feel of email notifications.
  • Customize dialog boxes and error messages.

When evaluating e-signature solutions, it’s reassuring to know your vendor has your best interests at heart and is invested in your success. If a vendor won’t completely give up their brand, consider that a red flag.

To learn more about branding customization, read our white paper on Best Practices for High E-Signature Adoption – or try the Quick Demo to see for yourself how easy it is to e-sign a document with OneSpan Sign.


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