5 Ways OneSpan Sign for Workday Adds Value to Your HR Business Processes

Dilani Silva, October 11, 2021

Human Resources (HR) teams are at the center of all activities that touch the candidate and employee experience. The number of documents that comes out of HR delivering services to its stakeholders is massive. Handling documents like NDAs, new hire forms, resumes, performance reviews, and corporate policy forms among many other documents on a daily basis can be overwhelming for any HR team, especially when paper is involved.

Many HR teams are adopting technology to help automate manual and repetitive administrative activities to accelerate operations. HCM providers, like Workday, facilitate HR teams around the world digitize activities like human capital management, performance management, recruiting, employee vacation time tracking, and many other processes.

We are helping HR teams take digitization to the next level by offering e-signatures to Workday with OneSpan Sign for Workday. E-Signature is key in streamlining the way teams obtain signatures for HR documents stored in Workday. By enabling end-to-end digitization with e-signatures, HR can spend less time managing paper documents and focus on value-added activities, such as attracting star candidates, onboarding new hires faster, and revolutionizing the employee experience.

Leverage E-Signatures at Every Step of the Employee Lifecycle with OneSpan Sign for Workday

By adding OneSpan Sign e-signatures to Workday processes, HR teams can leverage e-signatures at every step of the employee lifecycle to improve productivity and reduce the cost and the burden of paper. OneSpan Sign for Workday adds value to your HR processes in the following ways:

  • Elevates the employee and candidate experience: Create a trusted and memorable experience for both employees and candidates by fully customizing the signing process. In addition, employees and candidates can conveniently e-sign documents anytime, anywhere, and on any device. OneSpan Sign provides an intuitive signing experience that ensures high document completion rates for all your HR documents in Workday.
  • Automates the signing process: Automated processes can enforce workflow rules to eliminate common errors like missing documents, pages, or signatures. In addition, digital processes provide visibility into the status of the signing process by recording a full audit trail of each signer’s actions to demonstrate compliance. Once signing is completed, e-signed documents and the audit trail are automatically stored in Workday to achieve a completely digital, straight-through process.
  • Reduces costs: HR departments can dramatically reduce paper, ink, and file storage costs by digitizing HR processes with e-signatures.
  • Improves productivity: E-Signatures reduce processing times, thereby freeing HR departments from spending hours on manually processing paper documents and focusing their time on value-added activities.
  • Ensures security and compliance: Each signed document includes a detailed audit trail that captures electronic evidence of the key signer actions taken in the signing session, providing HR teams a complete picture of the transaction to demonstrate compliance.

Learn more about our integration with Workday. Interested in using OneSpan Sign for Workday? Contact us to help you add e-signatures to your Workday processes today.

Watch the OneSpan Sign and Workday integration in action below and see how e-signatures can digitize your HR business processes.

OneSpan Sign and Workday Overview Demo Video

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Dilani Silva is a Product Marketing Manager at OneSpan. In her role, she manages and executes the go-to-market strategy, positioning, messaging and sales enablement for OneSpan’s e-signature solution, OneSpan Sign.