Analysts Say Your Competitors Are Likely to Adopt E-Signature

Rahim Kaba, November 11, 2016

Today, e-signature adoption is climbing rapidly due in large part to the rise in mobile usage that makes signing and completing document-based transactions faster and more convenient than ever before.

In the recently published Forrester Vendor Landscape, E-Signature, Q4 2016 report, principal analyst Craig Le Clair recognizes that e-signature technology is "an important enabler for tomorrow’s digital business" and that adoption is being driven by the need to offer a better customer experience. It’s no surprise that customers, partners and employees now expect a fully digital experience and using paper simply sends the wrong message that the organization isn’t keeping up with the times. T

he good news is that e-signatures are now at arm’s length – regardless of how big or small your organization is. Rapid SaaS delivery, mobile-optimized options and regulatory breakthroughs all continue to drive the e-signature market forward. According to the analyst report, financial services firms lead the digital charge, ranking first in adoption and activity for e-signature. At eSignLive, we know this first hand because we’ve been working with banks, credit unions and insurance companies for over 20 years and have seen the high demand for automating business processes with e-signatures. Documents of all kinds – account opening, mortgage applications, consumer loans, retail financing and disclosures – all require legally binding signatures, making e-signatures a natural fit.

Forrester Research Webcast: Digitize Your Business

Forrester Research Webcast: Digitize Your Business

Hear from Forrester guest speaker Craig Le Clair about the driving forces behind e-signature adoption, both locally and abroad, and how to define your requirements.

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If Your Competitors Aren’t Already Using E-Signatures, They Will

Today’s "anywhere, anytime, any device" economy and the widespread use of smartphones and tablets offers the ultimate platform to enable digital business. Forrester points out however that moving away from traditional paper processes and implementing an e-signature solution will require change management. Organizations that are more resistant to change will need to involve multiple stakeholders, justify why changes to internal technologies and processes are necessary, and clearly articulate the benefits of moving to an all-digital process.

But don’t let that deter you from moving your project forward. Your competitors are likely to adopt e-signatures, if they haven’t already. In our experience, anchoring your e-signature project around customer experience and arming yourself with relevant ROI metrics will help you get your project off the ground quicker. Look for an e-signature partner that is willing to support you – from beginning to end – as you make the case for e-signature inside of your organization.

Download the Comprehensive Analyst Report

The first vendor comparison report since the Forrester Wave in 2013, the new Vendor Landscape provides an in-depth analysis of the major e-signature providers in the market. If you’re an organization that is currently researching and evaluating solutions, and looking to formulate a shortlist of vendors, this report is for you.

At eSignLive, we’re pleased to be recognized as a ‘clear market leader’ in the report (alongside DocuSign and Adobe) – topping shortlist discussions with Forrester Research analysts. The report calls out eSignLive for its particular relevance in regulated industries, including financial services and government, and our ability to meet demanding B2C transactions that ultimately touch the consumer. Get the Forrester's vendor comparison here.