ATARC Mobile Innovation Award

Jeannine Mulliner, September 24, 2015

Congratulations to the IT team at the Veterinary Services Division of USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) on winning the 2015 Advanced Technology Academic Research Center (ATARC) Mobile Innovation Award. Led by Patrick McFall, Director, Division of Information Technology, USDA, APHIS, VSDIT, the team was presented the award at ATARC’s Mobile Summit, which was held August 12 in Washington, DC. The ATARC Mobile Innovation Award recognizes individuals and teams from the Federal government that utilize mobile tools and technology to better accomplish the mission of their agency. ATARC is a non-profit organization that introduces innovative technology from academic research labs to the Federal government and private industry, and provides a collaborative forum for Federal Government, academia and industry to resolve emerging technology challenges.[promotion id="13022"] Enabling digital and mobile government Government organizations are increasingly turning to digital and mobile transactions enabled by secure e-signatures, to improve responsiveness, increase auditability and reduce costs. USDA APHIS’s Veterinary Services Division is a great example of this innovation. As one of USDA's 17 agencies, APHIS has improved the way it controls and tracks the movement of livestock into and across the country by enabling end-to-end digital processes. By adding electronic signatures to its Veterinary Service Process Streamlining (VSPS) portal, the paperwork required to accredit veterinarians, apply for health certificates and submit import permits has been automated via an electronic workflow. The result is better visibility and auditability, and improved responsiveness in the event of any health or safety incidents – not to mention the ability to securely sign directly through a web or mobile browser. e-SignLive is used by various staff throughout APHIS, as well as external parties such as import brokers, all of whom use the click-to-sign method on either a mobile device, laptop or desktop PC. APHIS employees e-sign with their government-issued PIV smartcard and PIN. External parties must be registered in the USDA’s eAuthentication database in order to e-sign. To learn more about the USDA’s use of e-signatures, read the case study or watch a webcast to hear Patrick McFall speak firsthand about their e-signature use case.

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