Benefits of Using E-Signatures as a Way to Helps Businesses Keep Pace in the Changing Landscape of the Technological Environment

Mary Ellen Power, March 31, 2014
benfits of using e-signature

The way businesses use technology is changing. The proliferation of smartphones and tablets has increased the average person's technical knowledge to the point where most are quite comfortable handling important transactions and processes online. It's in part the convenience of a customer being able to process transactions anytime and anywhere that makes technological change too attractive to ignore, and businesses are taking notice. The benefits of using e-signature are not excluded, or limited to, these attractions

The trouble that arises from using technology to keep pace appears when not all businesses have kept up with the rising use of electronic tools. This means that some companies can fall behind in meeting customer demands for convenient electronic processes. It also means that businesses can end up failing to keep pace with competitors that are delivering products and services through an online or mobile channel. Electronic signature solutions can go a long way toward helping businesses keep up with the technological change happening around the world, a recent Baseline report explained.

Benefit of Using E-Signatures to Keep Pace with Technological Change

More customers are demanding the convenience of being able to conduct transactions like account openings, insurance product purchasing and reviewing mortgage disclosures from the convenience of their home or office. Businesses need to be ready to support the technology that can enable the easy and secure digital processing of these and other transactions. The news source explained that these processes often end up leaving people with stacks of paper work, boxes of files and a need to scan documents to save space, issues of convenience from a customer perspective.

All of these problems can be avoided, the report said, if businesses make the effort to implement an e-signature solution.

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Considering the Range of Actionable Benefits of Using E-Signature Solutions

Handling paper-based records is an incredibly complicated and expensive process businesses and their customers. These operations are not just a matter of signing and storing documents, it also involves printing, courier services, specialty mailing when necessary, filing in multiple mediums and faxing paperwork. All of these functions can be incredibly time consuming and costly for all stakeholders in just about any project that requires secure signatures.

E-signatures simplify and streamline the various processes that go into records management, making it easier for businesses to keep up with an increasingly digital world.
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