Digitizing the Sales Process with Salesforce and E-Signatures

Rahim Kaba, April 29, 2015

Organizations are increasingly moving to CRM as a core business application to manage all customer-facing interactions. While CRM platforms help to centrally manage customer information and improve sales operations, many frontline sales professionals that we speak to gripe that CRM doesn’t necessarily help them close deals faster. Why? Because the last mile in the sales cycle – getting a signature – is still a manual, paper-driven process. Believe it or not, we still live in a paper world and sales organizations live this day in and day out – faxing, scanning and mailing out documents for signature.

Digitizing the sales process is critical to helping streamline sales-related activities. Digitization starts by eliminating paper and a great place to start is to remove pen-and-ink signatures from your current processes. Digital-enabling technologies like e-signatures integrated with your CRM can help your business move off of paper and let your sales team focus on what they do best: close deals.

Electronic Signature

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Enhanced e-SignLive for Salesforce App

We recently unveiled the latest release of our e-SignLive for Salesforce app, which includes a number of significant enhancements, thanks to feedback from our customers. With e-SignLive for Salesforce, you can quickly obtain secure and compliant e-signatures without ever leaving Salesforce.

The latest release of our e-signature app:

  • Gives you the freedom to leverage e-signatures across Salesforce with support for standard and custom objects
  • Speeds up document preparation with the ability to automatically generate signature blocks and fields using text anchors
  • Lets you notify signers to remind them to e-sign pending documents with the new built-in reminders feature
  • Gives you the flexibility to select documents from a number of sources, including the Salesforce document library, attachments and feeds
  • Offers a new Q&A authentication option for transactions that require an enhanced level of security
  • And much more!

These new features equip you with the tools that you need to more quickly prepare and send documents for signature. Digitizing the sales process with e-SignLive and Salesforce means that it’ll take fewer days for buyers to sign contracts, which in turn will help you reach your revenue goals faster.

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We’ll be taking the stage at the Salesforce World Tour in Toronto, Washington D.C. and New York City in May and June. If you’re in the area, we’d love to meet you! Visit us on the Salesforce AppExchange to download our app and start e-signing in minutes.