E-Signature Use Cases Drive Requirements and Vendor Selection

Andrea Masterton, September 10, 2013

Last month, Silanis and analyst firm Forrester joined up to share the top e-signature trends for businesses in 2013 based on Forrester’s recent E-Signature Wave report. The presentation also offered practical advice on how to evaluate vendors based on common use cases and showed the importance of looking closely at the business process you plan to automate. Some of the recommendations from Forrester included:

  • Look for scalability and evidence for high-value, straight-through transactions;
  • Take advantage of the economics of the cloud with a SaaS solution for internal, lower volume processes.
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The audience asked a number of questions that indicated companies have progressed beyond the basic e-signature FAQs and are really trying to envision the signer experience for their particular use case(s). Questions included:

  • Is your click to sign, eSeal customizable for the size and position of the text? (A: yes)
  • Does it matter where the customer signs on a document? Do they have to sign in a designated spot or could they sign at the bottom of a page? (A: yes – the conspicuous and relative placement of a signature cue helps reinforce intent)
  • What device do you recommend for in-person transactions? Signature tablet or tablet or iPhone? (A: it depends on a number of factors but if they are available, tablets are ideal because of the larger form factor than iPhones, and because unlike signature tablets, they are not single purpose devices)
  • What happens if the sender emails the agreement and it was the wrong address? How does the sender know it was a bad address? (A: It is the merchant/senders responsibility to ensure deliverability so that includes managing any bounce backs. Luckily with Silanis e-signatures you can monitor a transaction, set expiries and trigger a reminder for an agent to take action such as calling the signer to verify the email account)

All of these questions show how the e-signature market has matured and how the e-signing experience, based on use cases, is driving requirements and vendor selection. Click here to watch the recorded webcast.