Going Global in a Big Way at Dreamforce 2016

Rahim Kaba, September 21, 2016

Dreamforce is right around the corner and this year, eSignLive has doubled its presence at the mega CRM event in San Francisco. In this 4-part blog series leading up to Dreamforce, we’ll provide insight into some of the big e-signature innovations we’re bringing to market for the Salesforce and Force.com communities.

The Data Privacy Challenge

One of themes underpinning Dreamforce 2016 is "global". Salesforce is increasingly catering to a global audience as organizations of all sizes move their apps to the cloud. But the efficiency and cost savings of the cloud are often overshadowed by data compliance and privacy concerns that inhibit the widespread adoption of cloud applications. [promotion id="17144"] When using cloud-based services – such as CRM and e-signatures – one of the most common questions we get from clients is, "Where’s my data?" Depending on the specific countries in which you operate, your organization may need to keep data within a defined geography. The race is clearly on by cloud players – including SaaS and IaaS companies – to add to their geographic reach in order to meet data privacy demands in the market. Salesforce, for example, has made massive investments in its data center expansion efforts in Europe and Asia-Pacific to help its growing global customer base satisfy data privacy needs. But if you’re using Salesforce today, are you sure that your third party apps meet the necessary data privacy and compliance requirements? Fortunately, the rapidly growing cloud market in Europe, Australia, Canada and other geographies around the world is creating options for businesses that have requirements to keep data in a specific country or region. The eSignLive for Salesforce app for example, offers Salesforce clients an e-signature app that provides choice with respect to where data is stored. With more global data centers than any other e-sign provider in the market, we offer complete transparency into where e-signature transactions and data reside.

E-Sign Laws Around the World

Selecting a solution that complies with data privacy laws is only one part of the equation. Companies with offices in multiple jurisdictions that conduct cross-border transactions need to be aware of local e-signature laws as well. While most countries recognize the legal validity of e-signatures, there remain some restrictions in the types of electronic signatures supported by the law. In the EU for example, the new eIDAS regulation has been in full effect since July 2016, making it easier to do business digitally throughout Europe with clearer definitions of e-signatures and e-transactions. There are generally three forms of electronic signatures recognized around the world – the Basic, Advanced and Certificate (or Qualified) E-Signature. eSignLive meets the requirements for all three forms of e-signature out-of-the-box – with no additional development work required. For example, a pharmaceutical company based in Germany that requires the use of the Qualified E-Signature to e-sign contracts can do so – directly from Salesforce – using the eSignLive for Salesforce app and its out-of-the-box support for signing with digital certificates stored on smart cards and tokens. Unlike other solutions in the market that only partially meet eIDAS requirements, eSignLive supports digital certificates issued by any Trust Service Provider (TSP) in Europe.

Look for a Global E-Signature Partner

Going "global" requires a multi-pronged approach to satisfy the needs of businesses around the world. At eSignLive, we understand what it takes to help organizations meet the global security and legal requirements they are faced with as they move to the cloud. But we go above and beyond technology with people and offices around the world – including local pre-sales and post-sales teams – that are available to support you every step of the way. Heading to Dreamforce? Drop by booth #401 or #2112 and don’t miss our session, "Making the Case for E-Signatures in Salesforce and Force.com" at Partner Theater 1 in Moscone South.