Handling Exceptions in a Digital eSignature Process

Joe McKairnes, October 24, 2016

When moving to digital, paperless processes, we need to take into consideration what happens when there are exceptions. What if someone opts out?

In a use case involving completing a digital transaction that involves eSignatures, you can define certain exceptions to meet your business needs. For example, if the digital process is a contract, you can set an expiration date on the transaction to guarantee the pricing and terms in the contract.




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As the date approaches and the transaction is not yet complete, an email alert can be sent to remind the signer that the transaction is about to expire.

If the expiration date is met with no action, the package does indeed expire. If a transaction expires, unsigned documents are moved out of the ‘InBox’ and into the ‘Drafts’ folder. They are no longer considered active and change to a state of "edit".

As the owner of the transaction, you will be alerted that the transaction has expired and can now go into the Drafts folder and act on the transaction in any way appropriate for your business. You may choose to resend the contract with a new expiration date, select new signers, or whatever you deem appropriate.

The important thing to note here is that you accommodate the exception in a way that is suitable for your business in this circumstance.  

Why in the world go back to paper?

Often people ask, "What if a signer opts out of eSigning and wants to use paper and pen?"

It’s an interesting question, and a reality that should be considered when introducing digital processes. Any reputable eSignature vendor should be able to handle this scenario. There are actually two kinds of opt-outs. The first, "decline" is when the signer wants changes made but intends to sign; the second, is a full rejection of electronic signing.

eSignLive, the world’s largest eSignature platform, reports that in their 23 years of experience in eSignatures, the percentage of signers opting out of signing electronically and dropping to pen and paper is extremely small – less than 2 percent.

Why is the eSignLive stat so low? The recent G2 Crowd Electronic Signature Software Rankings report sheds light on the user experience of eSignatures. eSignLive has THE highest customer satisfaction rating of ALL eSignature solutions – well above the nearest competitor.

When presented a document to eSign, the eSignLive solution is extremely user friendly. Compared to other eSign vendors, eSignLive has:

  • NO download or login required
  • NO extraneous pop-ups
  • NO confusing dialogue boxes
  • NO ads such as ‘Powered By’ that instill risk in a signer
  • NO prompts to register for an account

Instead, the eSignLive experience is seamless, easy to use and, as a result, has THE highest adoption rate.

So, when asked if eSignLive can handle a user who wants to drop to pen and paper, the answer is "yes", they can be accommodated, but it begs the question, "Why would anyone want to?"

If you choose the eSignature solution that’s the market leader, your users will have a modern, convenient signing experience; and your company will enjoy the highest signing adoption rates in the industry.