OneSpan Sign Developer Community: Change Signer and Retrieving Packages

Haris Haidary,

In this blog, I will walk you through with how you can leverage the OneSpan Sign application in order to suit two specific requirements. More specifically, how you can use the Change Signer feature to pre-fill form fields for a signer and how you can retrieve all your packages within a date range using the REST API. Let's get straight to it.

Change Signer to Pre-Fill Form Fields

One use case that is often asked by many prospects and customers is the need for an internal user to use OneSpan Sign to fill-in data on a form before it is actually sent to the first signer. Right now, one way to achieve this is via the Change Signer feature. Namely, you can allow a signer to assign someone else to sign the document instead of the original signer that is defined by the sender. Accordingly, the signer will be asked to enter the email address and full name of the person to sign along with an optional email message to send to the new signer. You will be notified of this change of signer and will also be CC’d on the email message. Accordingly, the sender of the transaction identifies the user who needs to fill in data as the first signer but gives this signer the right to change signers. The user receives an email from OneSpan Sign, accesses the transaction and fills in data fields. The user then uses the Change Signer feature to identify the actual first signer.

Retrieving All Packages with REST

Currently, using either the Completion Report or Usage Report, you can only retrieve a maximum of 100 packages per given date ranges. However, you can get around that by calling a different endpoint URL. The idea is to use the "from" and "to" indexing parameters. Then, you will simply need to create a loop that retrieves 50 packages at a time (maximum that can be returned from OneSpan Sign) per given status. Here’s the pseudocode:

int x = 0;
int y = 49;


while (packageCount > 0) {
            //do something here

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