OneSpan Sign Developer: Updating Packages and Signature Types

Haris Haidary, April 25, 2018

In this blog, I will go over what you might have missed in the OneSpan Sign Developer Community during the week of April 16th, 2018. Let's get straight to it.

Email Notifications on Package Updates

When creating transactions/packages in OneSpan, as part of the signing process, each recipient/signer will receive an email notification to sign the respective documents. In the eventuality that you need to make modifications to the transaction (e.g. update a recipient's last name), you will first need to change the status of the transaction back to draft. Once you've made the necessary changes, the next step is to re-send the transaction. Each recipient will receive a second email notification to sign the transaction. If you don't want this behavior, below are the steps you can take:

  1. Disable the activation email, for which recipients will no longer receive automatic emails from OneSpan when you are creating transactions. Note that the activation email can only be disabled with our support team ([email protected]).
  2. Use the email notify feature after creating your transactions to send the email notification to your recipients

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Unauthorized Errors

Elsewhere, when making API calls to OneSpan Sign, you will need to make sure that you have the correct API key associated with the right environment. For instance, if you login to to retrieve your API key, then you will need to send your requests to Otherwise, an unauthorized error will be thrown upon sending your requests to OneSpan Sign.

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Signature Types

Finally, the signature type (capture or click-to-sign) have to be defined during the creation of the transaction. We do not allow recipients to choose how they wish to sign nor can they type-in their name to sign.

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