Sneak Peek at Duncan Stewart’s 2016 Predictions

Jeannine Mulliner, August 19, 2015

I’m on the phone with Deloitte’s Duncan Stewart talking about his career predicting technology trends when his 115-lb Bernese Mountain Dog starts barking at the other end of the house. Duncan steps away from the phone for a quick check on Hank. Without missing a beat, he’s back to confirm everything’s fine – and in the same breath, asking me if I know why phablets are good for e-signatures.

"No one calls them ‘phablets’ anymore, they’re simply the new ‘phones’," he says.





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When they first came out, phones with screens bigger than 5 inches weren’t expected to sell by many. They didn’t fit in your hand. They didn’t fit in your pocket. But Duncan had a different view. He predicted 25% of new phones in 2014 would be phablets – but he actually underestimated the market, and 36% of all phones had the large screens that year. In 2016, he expects to see more than half of mobile phone sales come from these bigger screen phones. That equates to nearly 40% growth rate for the phablet category in only two years.

He then asks about the screen size of my phone. I use an iPhone 5s, which has a 4-inch screen (when you put it side by side with the 6 Plus, it’s teeny). The iPhone 6 has a 4.7-inch screen and the 6 Plus is a much larger 5.5 inches. Research from Citrix shows that the iPhone 6 Plus generates twice the data as the iPhone 6. The analysis being that people are using larger screen phones the way they use tablets. They consume higher resolution content and video, while also spending much more time on their phones.

"We’re seeing a profound shift in how people use their phones," Duncan says.

At the same time though, that hasn’t made the desktop and laptop computer obsolete – even for millennials. Among 18 - 34 year olds, the desktop/laptop is the second most used hardware device at 27% of daily time spent. Interestingly enough, 75% of trailing millennials (14 - 25) say that the laptop is one of their three favorite devices, second only to the smartphone at 76%.

Why is that important to anyone attending the e-SignLive User Conference 2015? Deloitte’s Duncan Stewart has made a career out of technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) predictions and during his September 9th keynote, will be giving conference attendees a sneak peek at what he sees trending over the next 12-18 months. Mobility is one of the themes he will cover. I’ll leave the punch line to him, so he can bring phablets full circle to the mobile e-signature experience.

This year’s e-SignLive User Conference is just around the corner. Are you registered? More guest speakers and customers are slated to speak at this conference than any other e-signature event we’ve hosted. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear firsthand from Wells Fargo, SunTrust, the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, USDA, GSA, The Donegal Group, Tangerine, Springleaf Financial and many others, on topics like e-signatures for mobility, e-mortgage, digital insurance processes and much more.


For 20 years, Jeannine has been writing about technology and how to apply it to solve everyday challenges. In her role as Content Director at OneSpan, Jeannine leads a team of writers and content developers focused on helping financial institutions and other organizations gain value from security