Weekly News Roundup 6.13.14

Mary Ellen Power, June 14, 2014

It's been another active week in the electronic signature industry and, once again, we're here to help you keep up. Without further ado, here area few of the key news nuggets to come out of the e-signature sector this week:

E-signature solutions can play vital role in drop shipping sector

Drop shipping methods are rising in a wide range of industries as more organizations work to develop shipping models in which suppliers deliver goods directly to the customer instead of having the retailer purchase inventory, store it and deliver it to the customer. A recent Logistics Viewpoints report explained that drop shipping is creating incredible value for retailers and giving them a unique opportunity to improve processes in a way that enhances the customer experience. However, it can also lead to problems as any pitfalls in the drop shipping process can lead to customer satisfaction issues.

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One key way to ensure smooth delivery is to not just depend on drivers recording when a shipment has been delivered, but actually collecting electronic signatures of customers to ensure they have received their item, the news source explained.

New Jersey makes health care collaboration advance

New Jersey has established the New Jersey Health Information Network, a consortium of hospitals and other care facilities that will share data electronically instead of depending on mail and fax-based services. Wen Dombrowski of the Visiting Nurse Association Health Group told NJ Spotlight that the new solution will make it much easier to collect community care data and improve process efficiency when sharing information. Electronic signature software plays a key role in these advances.

"We use [EHR technology] for documentation and care planning, but it's also very helpful for being able to obtain electronic signatures for physicians without having to fax the papers, open the mail, stamp the mail and shuffle the papers around – it can be done electronically," Dombrowski told the news source.

Technology becoming key for OMB

Shaun Donovan, nominee for head of the Office of Management and Budget recently spoke to the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, and told them that IT oversight is going to be critical for the agency, FCW reported. Technological advances hold considerable potential for the organization. To illustrate this, he pointed to the way that the Federal Housing Administration has revolutionized its operations through electronic signatures and said that this advance sheds light on the way technological advances in one area of operations can have a sweeping impact on organizations and their customers.