Over-the-shoulder view of a man using OneSpan software to self-manage credentials Over-the-shoulder view of a man using OneSpan software to self-manage credentials

Authentication Server​s Features

Secure access and transactions by deploying multi factor authentication and transaction signing capabilities at mass scale​

Authentication Server

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    Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)

    Combining OneSpan Authentication Server with our mobile or hardware authenticators provides strong user authentication and greater security than static passwords. Authentication Server provides a turnkey solution to stop unauthorized logins.

    User-friendly Transaction Validation

    OneSpan Authentication Server offers highly secure transaction validation for banks and financial institutions. Optional features include support for EMV-CAP and Hardware Security Modules (HSM) to validate the signature in a secure and tamper-proof environment. Using our Cronto-enabled Digipass® provides a secure way to perform banking transactions. Users simply scan the cryptogram displayed on their computer or laptop screen with their hardware device to log in or confirm a transaction.

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    Integration via RADIUS, SOAP, and Third-party Applications

    OneSpan Authentication Server can be integrated with: 

     • RADIUS
     • Microsoft IS-based applications such as Outlook Web Access, Citrix StoreFront, or Microsft RDWeb Access
     • Any internet application using SOAP 

    Additional plug-ins for various third-party systems such as Juniper SBR and Microsoft ADFS are also available.

    Fits Any Environment

    OneSpan Authentication Server is available in the widest range of supported platforms: Windows Server, Ubuntu, and RedHat distributions, VMware, Hyper-V, and Citrix virtual environments, as well as dedicated appliance formats. 

    Wide Range of Supported Databases

    OneSpan Authentication Server supports a wide range of ODBC-compliant databases for data storage and ships standard with MariaDB. Data related to authenticators and users can be stored in the ODBC database and synced with Windows user information from Active Directory. 

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    Allow Users to Self-manage

    Authentication Server comes with an intuitive self-management website that allows end-users to manage their software and hardware authenticator without helpdesk support, freeing up valuable IT resources.

    Web Admin Interface 

    Administrative functions are available through a web-based user interface to facilitate remote management. Get an overview of daily events and actions taken by your IT administrators.

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    Auditing & Reporting

    Audit Console

    The audit console monitors incoming and outgoing events on the server. Data gathered by the audit console provides critical details necessary to effectively manage a remote access environment. 

    Extensive XML/HTML Reporting

    Extensive XML or HTML formatted reporting is provided for helpdesk troubleshooting, system and security auditing, and accounting purposes.

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    High Availability

    Server Replication and Load Balancing

    OneSpan Authentication Server ensures business continuity in the event of server downtime or disruptions. Server replication protects you from data loss without disrupting performance. Load balancing optimizes resource use and minimizes response time, ensuring your service is available at all times.

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    Deployment Options


    On-premises OneSpan Authentication Server is a comprehensive, centralized, and flexible authentication platform deployed on-premises to deliver complete authentication lifecycle management via a single integrated system.

    As an Appliance

    OneSpan Authentication Server Appliance is a standalone solution engineered for any enterprise seeking the power and simplicity of a dedicated appliance for their authentication needs. It eliminates the need to install and maintain a software-based solution.

    As a Virtual Appliance

    OneSpan Authentication Server Virtual Appliance is a virtualized authentication appliance and an excellent choice for organizations that have developed a virtualization strategy and want to move their security infrastructure to a virtual environment.

Authentication Server Framework

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    Multi Factor Authentication Technology​

    OneSpan Authentication Server Framework is a unique and flexible platform that supports multiple authentication devices and mechanisms. It works with all of OneSpan’s hardware and software-based authenticators, as well as EMV-CAP smart cards and OATH-compliant devices (excluding OneSpan Authentication Server Framework HSM versions). ​

    ​Authentication Server Framework supports a range of authentication modes, including:​

    • Time-based and/or counter-based OTP one time passwords​

    • Challenge-response​

    • Transaction signatures​

    • Server-side PIN validation

    End-to-end Secure Provisioning

    OneSpan Authentication Server Framework provides end-to-end secure online provisioning and management when combined with OneSpan software and/or hardware authenticators.​

    Secure Key Management​

    OneSpan Authentication Server Framework is a single platform with secure key management suitable for any security policy. We provide an and-to-end security chain from our manufacturing sites to our customers whereby Digipass key files are transported securely and encrypted.

    Hardware Security Module (HSM)​

    OTP and transaction signature validation operates inside the HSM. Sensitive information is never exposed outside of the HSM.​

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    Native Integration​

    OneSpan Authentication Server Framework can be customized and integrated into any existing application regardless of the operating system, data model, or architecture. The versatility of this API-based solution makes the entire two-factor authentication (2FA) implementation effortless and cost-effective, ensuring the lowest possible impact on existing infrastructure and operations.​

    Integration with Strategic Partners​

    OneSpan Authentication Server Framework is currently integrated into more than 100 applications, including those in the portal, single sign-on (SSO), and banking markets, among others. Native integration significantly reduces the cost of strong authentication implementation and simplifies back-end deployment and management.

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    High Availability​

    With the OneSpan Authentication Server Framework API, there is no need to worry about server downtime or service disruptions. Its high reliability ensures your users have secure access to the system when they need it.​

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    Unlimited Scalability

    This server solution is capable of processing large volumes of authentication requests and can support mass deployments in a variety of customer interfacing applications, including online banking, e-commerce, online gaming, and web portals, among others. Adding users and/ or applications is simple and does not require that you rebuild your back-end infrastructure, or deploy and maintain additional or back-up servers.

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    Future Proof

    OneSpan Authentication Server Framework is designed to accomodate all current and future OneSpan authentication and transaction signature technologies and devices. This provides your organization with the flexibility to follow new standards and developments in application and network security for virtually any operating system or platform.

    One API

    OneSpan Authentication Server Framework is a cost-effective solution that leverages your IT investment and provides one centralized platform without any additional requirements for a separate authentication server or database. As such, no server farms and dedicated disaster recovery systems are needed.

Digipass Pack for Remote Authentication

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    Multi Factor Authentication

    Replace Static Passwords with OTP One Time Passwords

    Static passwords are the weakest link in your network security, exposing your sensitive data and applications to fraudsters. Based on proven OTP one time password technology, OneSpan’s solutions protect user login and ensure only authenticated users gain access. 

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    Minimal Setup and Management

    OneSpan’s Digipass Pack for Remote Authentication will interface with any RADIUS client, with no additional programming requirements. This lightweight solution resides on your existing server and involves minimal setup and management. There is no client software required and companies can secure access to their VPN and SSL VPN without extensive system modifications. It is a user-friendly and minimally invasive security solution that can be easily deployed and managed by one person.

    No Infrastructure Overhaul

    OneSpan’s strong authentication does not change the underlying functionalities of your existing IT infrastructure and applications. It is compatible with most firewalls, access servers, and all RADIUS-based VPNs – and supported by over 200 leading application providers.

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    Out Of The Box Solution

    Designed for SMEs

    OneSpan’s Digipass Pack for Remote Authentication is specifically designed for small and medium size businesses. It provides a high level of security to organizations with limited IT resources and budgets. It offers all the functionality you need in an à la carte authentication solution, including all necessary hardware and software for a simple two-factor authentication (2FA) roll-out. You can be up and running in one day – it’s that easy!

    Start with Exactly What You Need & Scale 

    OneSpan’s Digipass Pack for Remote Authentication comes in different versions. You can choose to opt for software or hardware authenticators depending on the size of your organization. We offer out-of-the box solutions from 5 to 100 users. In addition, you can easily scale to add more users and applications as your organization grows.

    Cost Reduction

    Leverage your existing IT infrastructure and reduce administrative and support costs by rolling out two-factor authentication within your organization without any additional investment in new servers or appliances.

Fully manage the authentication lifecycle of your customers and partners