OneSpan Sign Mobile SDK

Easily add electronic signatures to your native mobile apps with our Mobile SDK for iOS and Android

Fully customize the mobile e-signing experience for your customers and unique app requirement

Streamlined Development

Easy for Developers

Get up and running in minutes using our powerful mobile SDKs and comprehensive developer resources


Fully Customizable

Differentiate yourself from your competitors by creating a unique customer experience tailored for your brand


Easy for Signers

Ensure the most seamless, white-labeled, mobile signing experience to promote high adoption and completion rates

Easy for Developers

Build a working prototype in as little as 10 minutes and go live within just a few days

comprehensive tools

Our Mobile SDKs come packed with everything you need to ensure rapid development and deployment. This includes full SDK libraries, out of the box UI and sample code, comprehensive documentation, an active developer community, and much more.

Get up and running quickly and easily with a wide range of developer tools, resources, and our active online community.

  • Access to a free sandbox account
  • Get answers to your questions
  • See sample code and use cases
  • Download product documentation
  • Learn best practices from your peers
  • And more


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Optimize Your E-Signature Workflow

The workflow choices you make determine user adoption and ultimately, project success. This whitepaper offers a complete guide to building and adapting e-signature workflows across your organization

Fully Customizable


Customize the user interface of the screens to ensure a seamless mobile signing experience for your customers. This includes your preferred signature capture methods, such as hand-drawn signatures or tap-to-sign, white-labeling options, and signing workflows for multiple signers and documents.

Compare a White-labeled signing experience with no white-labeling


OneSpan Sign’s brand doesn’t appear in any of the interfaces or email notifications.  Your brand remains in the spotlight to ensure the most seamless user experience. This helps drive high adoption and transaction complete rates.


Not White-Labeled

With some e-signature vendors, their brand is part of the user experience creating confusion and risk of customers dropping off. What’s more, emails are sent from the vendor’s servers, creating the risk of phishing scams,  malware and potential lawsuits as a result.

Easy for Signers

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