Mobile Authenticator Studio

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Mobile Authenticator Studio

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Mobile Authentication

One-touch OTP Generation

With a simple touch, allow users to generate a one-time password (OTP) for log-in.

Digital Transaction Signing

Unlike other mobile authenticators dedicated solely to user authentication, Mobile Authenticator Studio produces apps for both strong user authentication and digital transaction signing to authenticate financial transactions. With Cronto® technology, users can simply “scan and sign” with increased security.

Push & Log-in, Scan & Log-in

Securely send a push notification to a user’s mobile device allowing them to easily log-in or verify/sign a transaction using a simple tap. This can also trigger an additional layer of authentication with local PIN or fingerprint.

MFA - PIN (Local or Server), Fingerprint

Allow users to authenticate themselves to the Mobile Authenticator app through a client-side/local or server-side PIN. Users may also authenticate with a fingerprint on devices that include a fingerprint biometric sensor or leverage Apple Touch ID and Face ID on iOS devices.

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Advanced Security

Device Binding Option

Bind the authenticator app to the registered user’s device to ensure that only the authenticator installed on the bound device will generate valid OTPs.

Additional Security Options

Detect jailbroken/rooted devices, which deactivate key security controls; ensure secure communications; bind user credentials to a registered device to prevent app cloning or repurposing cryptographic keys; and more

Mitigate Social Engineering & MITM

Mitigate the risks of social engineering, mobile banking Trojans, and man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks with our patented Cronto technology.

Optional Mobile App Shiedling

Add a layer of advanced, invisible, always-on security through mobile app shielding to detect malware activity, impede reverse-engineering, defend against tampering, and more.

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Optimized User Experience

White-labeling/UI Customization

Customize and brand the look-and-feel of your mobile authenticator’s user interface and support omni-channel consistency.

Tailored User Experience

Provide user-friendly activation with online, offline, manual, self-service web portal, QR code, Cronto, and more options. Offer a variety of authentication and transaction signing options including push, OTP, fingerprint, facial recognition, and more.

Full Lifecycle Management

Provide a streamlined experience to users throughout the authenticator lifecycle from initial activation through to re-provisioning of tokens for lost or newly purchased devices.

Mobile Biometrics

Users’ preference for the convenience afforded by fingerprint and facial recognition continues to increase. Support fingerprint for Android and TouchID and FaceID on Apple devices and provide users with the modern mobile experience they expect.

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No-hassle Deployment & Activation

Easy Configuration

Simply edit a configuration file to customize your mobile authenticator app without deep technical expertise.

Simplified Integration

Documentation and sample code simplifies the integration of backend components into your existing infrastructure.

Get started with mobile authentication

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