Mobile Authenticator Studio

Boost the security of your users’ accounts and reduce fraud with mobile authentication

Mobile Authenticator Studio

Quickly deploy strong, mobile multi factor authentication by converting users’ mobile devices into an authentication factor​

Customer Experience

User Experience

Give users the easy, convenient experience they expect in today’s mobile-first market


Fraud Protection

Protect your institution and users against account takeover and other types of fraud


Mobile App Security

Choose from different levels of security to ensure the integrity of apps, devices and users

Mobile Speed

Rapid Enrollment

Securely activate multi factor authentication for customers in minutes rather than days



Quickly deploy mobile authentication and transaction signing to help meet regulations


Cost Reduction

Free up development resources and reduce the load on your customer support teams

How it Works

Transaction Signing

A user simply scans the Cronto® code with their mobile device.

Only devices registered with that user's account can decode, decrypt, and display the transaction details for transaction verification.

What customers are saying about OneSpan Mobile Authenticator Studio

Clients want mobile tokens. If a bank doesn’t offer the products, services, and usability that clients expect in the marketplace, they will lose business.

North American bank

North American Bank

Security Manager

User Experience

Customize a convenient, secure authentication and transaction signing experience

Go passwordless with out-of-band “push and login” features or secure “scan and login” functionality powered by our patented Cronto technology. 

Allow users to authenticate using the device most convenient for them in any given situation via multi-device support. 

Ensure a consistent multi-channel customer experience by facilitating user authentication for ATMs, web banking, and mobile banking through a single mobile authenticator.

Fraud Protection

Reduce the risk of fraud with mobile authentication and transaction signing

Undermine account takeover fraud, banking Trojans, and social engineering. Only OneSpan Mobile Authenticator Studio combines one-time passwords (OTP), multi factor authentication, and our Cronto transaction signing into a single mobile authenticator.

Mobile Authenticator Studio can keep bad actors out of your customers’ accounts and provide users an intuitive and secure way to review and authorize transactions.

Enable passwordless, out-of-band login with push notification

See how businesses use OneSpan Mobile Authenticator to secure access to critical applications and sensitive data stored on an employee’s laptop and the corporate network.

This includes remote access over a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).

Mobile App Security

Deploy a highly secure mobile authenticator with built-in app security

Rest easy knowing your mobile authenticator app protects data at rest and in motion with advanced white-box cryptography, SSL pinning, and more. 

Enhanced mobile app security options, such as OneSpan App Shielding, allows you to deploy a secure mobile authenticator app to untrusted environments with confidence, knowing the app can proactively defend itself against the most advanced mobile threats.

Rapid Enrollment

Quickly deploy a simple multi factor authentication experience to users

Ensure high adoption rates among your user population with a no-fuss enrollment process customized to your liking. 

Leverage a self-management website, QR codes, or OneSpan’s Cronto technology to reduce the load on your helpdesk or IT staff.

Ensuring Compliance with EPCS Regulations

Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS) is the process of electronically transmitting prescriptions for controlled substances to the pharmacy. Prescribers can write and transmit prescriptions for controlled substances electronically to increase safety and security, and to reduce risk of fraud and diversion.  Pharmacists are then permitted to receive, dispense, and archive the electronic prescriptions sent to them by the prescriber. However, this process is regulated with strict standards that must be adhered to.

Providers are required to use identity verification tools and two-factor authentication when issuing electronic prescriptions, and the provider must retain sole possession of the authentication token(s), password, and other sign-on information and must not share this information with any other person or prescribing entity.

Why OneSpan

OneSpan protects access to sensitive healthcare applications and reduces the risk of unauthorized access or account takeover attacks with the Digipass GO7 and Mobile Authenticator Studio. Digipass GO7 is a one-button hardware authenticator validated as FIPS 140-2 Level 2 compliant by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) while Mobile Authenticator Studio provides a secure mobile OTP options which supports user-friendly face or fingerprint biometrics. Both solutions deiver enhanced security though the support of dynamic one-time passwords (OTP).

The GO7 is ideal for authentication and e-prescribing with leading EHR solutions by satisfying all requirements under the federal EPCS regulation.


Provide user-friendly mobile authentication that supports compliance requirements

Enable and maintain a link between a given mobile device and an authorized user. This impedes app cloning and repurposing of cryptographic keys and helps meet PSD2 requirements

Implement mobile multi factor authentication for compliance with two factor authentication (2FA) requirements in other guidelines and standards, such as: 

  • NIST

Cost Reduction

Accelerate time-to-market by creating a convenient, secure mobile authenticator app

No need to take your developers away from their core projects. Customize and deploy mobile authenticator apps to the official app stores in no time with OneSpan Mobile Authenticator Studio.

Our customers use Mobile Authenticator Studio to…

Meet Customer Expectations

Banks and other financial institutions are migrating to software authentication to keep up with customer expectations.

  • Many FIs have modernized the customer experience while reducing hardware maintenance costs.
  • Learn why some choose a standalone authentication app while others integrated with their mobile banking app.

Comply with Regulations

This bank was under pressure to upgrade their authentication technology to comply with new regulatory requirements.

  • Now in full compliance with new regulations.
  • Software authentication has been well received by customers.
  • The bank cut costs related to issuing and supporting hardware devices.

Improve Security and Usability

As one of the leading banks in Azerbaijan, AGBank needed strong authentication for its online and mobile banking services.

  • AGBank selected a mix of hardware and software authentication to fit the needs of their various customer segments.
  • Mobile-first customers find the authentication app easy to use.

Get started with mobile authentication

Keep attackers out of customer accounts, reduce losses, and confidently deliver more digital services to customers with a customized mobile authenticator app