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Business Challenge

Mitigate new account fraud without turning away qualified customers

Customer Experience

Cumbersome Experiences Lead to Abandonment

Financial institutions (FIs) with long account opening processes and a poor customer experience fall short of expectations – resulting in abandonment rates as high as 95%


New account fraud is at an All-time High

Data breaches make it easy for fraudsters to open accounts with stolen information. Without the ability to detect fraudulent identities in real time, FIs will continue to incur losses


Compliance Requires the Right Tools

FIs that cannot validate the identity of remote applicants and prove that they followed a compliant process risk fines, reputational damage, and other impacts on the business


Help prevent new account fraud in account opening and lending


Quickly Verify Identities Remotely

Detect manufactured or synthetic identities with multi-layered digital identity verification methods


Ensure the Authentic Applicant is Present

Use facial comparison to determine whether a remote user is authentic and present

Paper being signed by a pen

Capture Customers’ Consent Electronically

Automate signing workflows and capture consent with legally binding e-signatures


Protect Against Mobile Fraud

Thwart unauthorized applications for new credit products and stop automated malware or bot activity


Leverage Digital Audit Trails

Capture a record of everything the applicant saw and did during the process, for compliance purposes

Quickly Verify Identities Remotely

Ensure ID documents are legitimate with digital identity verification

New account fraud and other identity theft crimes continue to challenge banks and FIs. Automated ID document verification and facial comparison enable a customer’s identity to be validated in real-time, whether the transaction takes place online or via mobile.

OneSpan Agreement Automation automates new digital customer onboarding and reduces fraudulent enrolments by positively identifying qualified customers during the application process.

Ensure the Authentic Applicant is Present

Leverage biometric authentication to verify identities across your digital channels

During the digital account opening process, financial institutions must determine whether the remote applicant is who they claim to be. Best practice is to leverage facial comparison capabilities to extract biometric indicators from a selfie and compare that against the image in an authenticated ID document.

After the applicant has been onboarded, biometric authentication methods can be used to verify known customers using facial recognition and fingerprint scans.

Report: Transforming the Digital Account-opening and Onboarding Experience

Based on interviews with bank executives and consumer survey data, Aite Group provides an expert analysis of the top trends, challenges, and technologies to deliver a customer-centric, mobile-first account opening experience.

Capture Consent Electronically

Automate your signing workflows with e-signatures

Secure your digital account opening processes by integrating electronic signatures.

OneSpan Sign balances ease of use with the highest levels of security and compliance to deliver a risk-free e-signature solution for all your business needs.

Protect against Mobile Fraud

Mitigate fraud with mobile security capabilities

Data breaches, malware, and phishing attacks are fueling the rise in identity theft and third-party application fraud. OneSpan offers comprehensive security capabilities to protect mobile users and applications, including:

  • Persistent device identification to bind user accounts to trusted devices and thwart unauthorized attempts to apply for new credit products
  • Mobile app shielding and behavioral biometrics to identify and stop automated malware or bot activity
OneSpan Global Mobile App Security Vulnerabilities Report
Analyst Report

OneSpan Global Mobile App Security Vulnerabilities Report

Find out which types of apps are most susceptible to repackaging attacks—and what industry benchmarks you should use to assess your own level of app protection. 

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Leverage Digital Audit Trails

Protect your organization with comprehensive audit trails

To prove that a compliant account opening process was followed, financial institutions can capture a full audit trail of exactly what the applicant saw and did during an account opening process – including the identity verification and signing steps.

Digital audit trails prove that the FI carried out all necessary KYC checks and that the applicant intented to be bound by the terms of the agreement. Audit trails provide a complete record of the account opening process and can protect financial service providers against legal or compliance disputes.

More than half of the world’s top 100 global banks use OneSpan’s digital identity & anti-fraud solutions

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Why OneSpan

Domain Expertise

Financial institutions around the world choose OneSpan for our proven fraud prevention technologies and extensive expertise in financial digital channels. We understand the complexity of account takeover fraud – and provide the risk-based intelligent analytics to fight it. 


Secure Digital Customer Journeys

We bring together best-in-class security solutions that work together to secure the digital customer journey and mitigate fraud. By establishing trust in digital identities, devices, and transactions, we help you reduce fraud, increase top-line growth, and strengthen compliance as you modernize the customer experience.

Customer Commitment and Support

We’re known for taking a hands-on approach. Customers appreciate our industry leading post-launch support, where we provide ongoing help to fine-tune fraud prevention, increase efficiency, and improve adoption rates.


Flexible Solutions and Cloud-based Platform

Our solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with third-party and in-house systems, so you can continue to leverage your existing technology investments while advancing your digital transformation with next generation technologies.

In addition, our SaaS solutions are delivered on a platform that makes it easy to integrate new and existing tools and technologies, to better detect fraud and improve the user experience. 

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