Digital Agreements Best Practices

Remove Friction, Improve Compliance & Achieve Growth

Financial institutions that want to win new customers and achieve growth need to digitize agreement processes - whether a customer is opening a new account, taking out a loan, signing up for a financial product, or signing a credit or finance agreement.

Today's customer demands fast, reliable digital services and the ability to interact with their financial institution virtually. Accustomed to online banking and video meetings, they want the convenience of virtual banking, along with the ability to speak to a human when they need to.

Financial institutions that rely on manual and paper-based processes such as printed forms and in-branch ID checks risk losing frustrated customers and falling foul of compliance and security standards. 

This whitepaper discusses insights and best practices for financial institutions looking to transform identity verification and document signing processes to improve compliance, eliminate human error, and reduce the risk of fraud.

In this white paper, you will learn:

  • How to improve the customer experience with a seamless digital process.
  • Steps to remove the risks inherent in manual agreement processes.
  • Why manual ID document checks cause friction and increase abandonment.
  • How to turn long complex modernization into mobile-ready intelligent forms.
  • The value of video agreement signing to re-create the power of face-to-face meetings.
  • Top technology to utilize, including e-signature, smart digital forms, ID verification and authentication, videoconferencing, co-browsing, and audit trail capture.