OneSpan Cloud Authentication

A quick-to-deploy, cloud-based multi-factor authentication solution with proven security for online applications

OneSpan Cloud Authentication Features

Financial Strength

Performance & flexibility

Authentication application performance

OneSpan Cloud Authentication is powered by our fully integrated Trusted Identity Platform which ensures the highest level of authentication application performance across even the largest user populations.

Easily scalable

Our Trusted Identity Platform is also cloud-based, so it can easily scale to quickly meet business needs and deliver industry leading security through regular platform testing and updates.


Lower operating costs


OneSpan Cloud Authentication increases operational efficiency by streamlining the authentication process. The solution is designed to provide all the benefits of the cloud and support banks and other businesses’ transformation from costly legacy, on-prem infrastructures to a more modern, cloud-based/SaaS authentication platform.

Easy to deploy

OneSpan Cloud Authentication is based on a single REST API which ensures a simple set up and quicker go live., effectively reducing operational costs.


Regulatory compliance

PSD2 compliance

OneSpan Cloud Authentication enables a company to achieve PSD2 compliance by satisfying key criteria, such as strong customer authentication. OneSpan Cloud Authentication also provides an extensive set of authentication options, including out-of-band push notification, to enable a secure and user-friendly journey across digital channels and applications.



Future-proof security

Our integrated platform provides customers the flexibility to easily deploy new authentication features as needed. So customers can take the first step to modernize authentication and seamlessly add other capabilities, like risk analytics, authentication orchestration, and mobile app security, in the future.


Intuitive management

Simplify authentication management

The ongoing digital evolution has introduced challenges for many organizations. The cadence and velocity of new applications, expanded digital channels, and variety of mobile devices has often led to a siloed approach to authentication security, putting a burden on IT staff to manage different point solutions. OneSpan Cloud Authentication simplifies management of users and authenticators through a standard API interface that allows our customers to implement the adminstration functions directly into their existing applications. Also, because our solution is powered by our unique cloud platform, it provides the additional benefit of continuous and fully automatic security updates.

Mobile Speed

User convenience

Quick and easy user activation

All end users are digital consumers and expect the same experience with business technology. In this case, they expect a quick and easy onboarding experience.

OneSpan Cloud Authentication provides this optimal experience to all new authentication users through our streamlined mobile provisioning feature of the mobile authenticator. New users are activated via a REST Call or mobile push notification which ensures the most user-friendly process.