OneSpan Cloud Authentication

A quick-to-deploy, cloud-based multi-factor authentication solution with proven security for online applications

Cloud Based

Modern cloud-based platform

Leverage cloud benefits

Powered by our Trusted Identity Platform, OneSpan Cloud Authentication provides customers with the scalability, performance and flexibility of the cloud

Minimize security risks​

Minimize security risks via regular platform updates and automated security updates

Mobile device with a thumbprint and a one-time password

Extensive authentication options

Mobile authenticators

OneSpan Mobile Authenticators reduce the risk of unauthorized access while delivering an intuitive user experience. Our solution supports user-friendly mobile authentication options, including push notification, SMS and biometrics and can be fully integrated within your mobile banking app.

One-button authenticators

OneSpan Cloud Authentication allows you to use different hardware one-button authenticators and even supports hybrid deployments. 

Transaction signing

OneSpan Cloud Authentication works seamlessly with our transaction signing hardware and software authentication solutions, ranging from straightforward PIN-pad authenticators to our patented Cronto solutions – effectively countering Trojan and Man-in-the-browser attacks.

Out-of-band security

Our solution supports secure out-of-band authentication options like user-friendly SMS and push notifications, and patented visual cryptograms for transaction data signing. 

Time to market

Future Proof

Easy migration path to other solutions

OneSpan Cloud Authentication provides a seamless upgrade path to more comprehensive solutions that include authentication orchestration and risk analytics 

Latest security requirements

Ensure that you are in line with the latest security requirements and benefit from automated security updates.


PSD2 Compliance

Strong customer authentication​

OneSpan Cloud Authentication supports all three elements of Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), including password/PIN, mobile and hardware devices, and biometrics as a single integrated solution.


Reduce costs, focus on core business

Reduce operational costs

Eliminate costs of managing a legacy, on-prem authentication technology with a more scalable, efficient, and innovative cloud-based solution

Optimize resources

Relieve your IT team from maintenance headaches, giving them more time to focus on core competencies and innovation


OneSpan’s Cloud Authentication offering gives you the best value, you pay for what you use, nothing more.

Easy to Integrate

Easy to deploy, easy to manage

Simple API administration

Simplifies management of users and authenticators through a single, standard API interface that allows you to implement the administration functions directly into existing applications.

Easy to deploy

OneSpan Cloud Authentication requires a single REST API to be integrated within your application, ensuring a relative easy deployment and quicker go-live​

Effortless mobile provisioning

OneSpan Cloud Authentication offers straightforward and convenient mobile provisioning through push notifications