OneSpan Cloud Authentication

A quick-to-deploy, cloud-based multi-factor authentication solution with proven security for online applications


How you want to deploy

Rapid deployment

OneSpan Cloud Authentication helps accelerate digital transformation initiatives without losing sight of regulatory compliance goals. OneSpan Cloud Authentication is based on a single API integration, ensuring a quick and seamless deployment.

Cloud Based

Improve flexibility

Moving to the cloud enhances flexibility. With OneSpan Cloud Authentication you can easily and quickly deploy new authentication features and technologies as needed. Based on a single API, OneSpan Cloud Authentication can be swiftly integrated into banking applications providing optimal security and an enhanced user experience.


Extensive range of authentication options

OneSpan Cloud Authentication supports a wide range of hardware and software authentication technologies including biometric and behavioral as well as out-of-band authentication with Push notifications. Hybrid deployments are also supported, enabling the mix and match of authenticators as needed.

Scalable Platform


OneSpan Cloud Authentication is the ideal solution to meet current and future authentication needs. Legacy on-premise platforms require heavy efforts and pre-planning to scale and upgrade. OneSpan Cloud Authentication enables quick and easy expansion of users. 

Customer Base

Fast customer onboarding

OneSpan Cloud Authentication offers a streamlined mobile provisioning feature to onboard new users via a convenient mobile Push notification which ensures the best possible experience.

Document Security

Future proof

OneSpan Cloud Authentication is the foundation of our multi-layered authentication solution. Simply adding modules, like our risk engine, enables risk-based authentication that dynamically detects fraud and applies the right level of authentication for each unique transaction.


Reduce operating costs

OneSpan Cloud Authentication reduces operating costs by moving to a cloud-based, SaaS solution. It eliminates costs for server equipment, maintenance, security, network infrastructure and many other related costs. 


Achieve regulatory compliance goals

OneSpan Cloud Authentication helps financial institutions and other organizations to reach compliance goals faster. OneSpan Cloud Authentication satisfies key criteria of PSD2 strong customer authentication and allows companies to create PSD2-compliant solutions while providing the best user experience.