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E-signatures are a key enabling technology to help increase speed and innovation within the organization, as well as build better experiences for customers and partners

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  • Deploy e-signatures onpremises or on a public and private cloud in data centers around the world;
  • Use as an out-of-the-box solution or seamlessly integrate with your web & mobile apps and core systems;
  • Fully white-label the e-sign process with your brand to create a trusted signing experience;
  • Produce the most comprehensive audit trails, including a visual audit trail of the signing process;
  • Built-in anti-tampering controls that secure each signature using digital signature technology;
  • Broad range of authentication options to verify the identity of signers prior to giving them access to documents;
  • Recognized by analysts: Forrester, Gartner, G2 Crowd and more.

With over 20 years of experience in e-signatures, OneSpan Sign is used by some of the world’s most trusted brands in banking, insurance, government and healthcare. From the simplest signing workflows to the most complex and regulated transactions, OneSpan Sign provides a flexible and scalable e-signature solution that can be leveraged across the organization.

This product is used daily for thousands of signatures across our business. The ease of use is point and click, so for most of our customers it is a no-brainer, they just sign and click as if they were buying groceries.

With OneSpan Sign, you can electronically prepare, send and sign your documents over the web in four easy steps:

  1. Upload your documents.
  2. Identify who signs each document.
  3. Define where they sign by simply dragging a signature block to the correct location(s) in the document.
  4. Select a secure authentication method and send! OneSpan Sign takes care of the rest, managing every aspect of the signing process to ensure your electronic contracts are enforceable, compliant and secure.
OneSpan Sign

OneSpan Sign can be leveraged within your organization with these plans:


No development required

  • Online web-service
  • Mobile apps


Integrate into your apps

  • Open REST API
  • Fully supported SDKs
OneSpan Sign can be leveraged within your organization with these plans

Key Features

Legal, Trusted, Secure and Irrefutable

  • ESIGN, UETA and eIDAS-compliant e-signatures;
  • Authenticate the signer’s identity via email, SMS text code, Q&A, knowledge-based authentication (e.g., Equifax), DIGIPASS and more;
  • Anti-tampering controls: encrypts each person’s signature using advanced digital signature technology;
  • Comprehensive audit trails for demonstrating your compliance and legal case - who signed, in what order, when, and where with strong identity assurance.

Conveniently Send and Sign on the Go 

  • Mobile support: send, sign and approve documents from anywhere and on any device;
  • Mobile signature capture option transforms any mobile device into a signature capture pad.

Open and Flexible to Meet Your E-signature Needs 

  • Fully white-label the e-sign process to keep the spotlight on your brand – from start to finish – to drive high completion rates;
  • Open API, fully supported SDKs for Java, .NET, APEX, iOS, Android and more, and complete documentation to facilitate rapid development;
  • Unlimited access to prototyping and testing in the OneSpan Sign Sandbox environment;
  • Mobile SDK to build e-signing capabilities natively into your mobile apps.

Add E-signing Capabilities to Popular Business Applications 

  • All OneSpan Sign plans include the following pre-built connectors:
All OneSpan Sign plans include the following pre-built connectors: