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SmartIQ™ and OneSpan Sign Datasheet

Enhance Digital Customer Journeys with Intelligent Forms and E-Signatures

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Easily integrate SmartIQ and OneSpan Sign to create an intelligent, interviews-style digital form with e-signatures, making it easy for customers to review and sign documents.

The Smart Communications Solution:
SmartIQ, interview-style forms and business process automation

OneSpan Solution Supported:
OneSpan Sign

Use Cases Supported:
Leading financial institutions, insurance companies, healthcare, government agencies, and other enterprise organizations use SmartIQ and OneSpan Sign for:

  • Customer applications
  • Loan origins
  • Claims
  • Customer servicing loans modifications
  • Healthcare and benefits enrollment
  • Employee offer letters and onboarding

As digital transformation continues to redefine business, maintaining exceptional customer and employee experiences is a top priority for executives across industries, company sizes and geographies.

SmartIQ™ enhances the customer experience by digitally transforming traditional PDF-based processes into intelligent, interview-style forms. By offering intelligent, guided user experiences, organizations reap the benefits of increasing customer engagement while streamlining internal processes, managing risk, and reducing demand for support services.

Obtain secure and compliant e-signatures with SmartIQ and OneSpan Sign

SmartIQ™ leverages real-time data and customized approval workflows to power intuitive, interview-style forms and business processes to empower customer-focused businesses to create data-driven interactions throughout the customer journey - from acquisition and onboarding, to servicing and growth.

Smart Communications in partnership with OneSpan provides an integrated digital forms solution with compliant electronic signatures allowing organizations to drive up completion rates by creating a unique and trusted customer experience.

By fully digitizing agreements with OneSpan Sign, our solution provides an intuitive, personalized, secure, and compliant way for customers to complete agreements while reducing costs, improving user productivity, and eliminating manual-based processes related to paper.

Key Benefits

Enhance Customer Experiences and ROI

Enhance Customer Experiences and ROI

Drive up completion rates by creating a unique customer experience with mobile-ready forms and white-labeling capabilities.

Increase Productivity and Efficiency

Increase Productivity and Efficiency

Improve user productivity, eliminate manual data entry and processing errors by keeping SmartIQ workflows 100% digital.

Build Secure and Compliant Customer Digital Journeys

Build Secure and Compliant Customer Digital Journeys

Prove compliance and deflect legal disputes with the most comprehensive e-signature audit trails.

How It Works:

SmartIQ digitizes manual processes and connects legacy and modern software systems to automate the communication between them.

how it works


Leverage Intelligent, Interview-Style Forms with Integrated E-Signature

Create secure, response-driven interviews, then generate a signature-ready agreement using OneSpan Sign e-signature capabilities.

Expedite Transaction Turnarounds with Customizable Workflows

Design process workflows that can be directed by a user to forward form submissions to a person or group or can be initiated based on business rules and the collected data.

Build an optimal e-signature process and signer experience based on your business needs by setting the signing order with serial or parallel signing options.

On-Demand Customer Communications and E-Sign Delivery

Produce personalized, multi-channel documents or communications in real-time, on-demand.

Outputs and delivery capabilities include SMS text, email, XML/ HTML, PDF, e-signature envelopes, print, social media, messaging, and Microsoft Excel & PowerPoint

Build an optimized e-signing experience with multiple e-signature capture options

E-sign on any device with click-to-sign, click-to-initial, Accept Only, and handwritten signatures options.

Adaptive Insights and Audit Trail

Leverage the analytics dashboard to get key insights captured throughout the customer journey, allowing for continuous process and experience improvement.

E-Signed documents include a standard audit trail of the entire agreement process that tracks signer authentication events, who signed, in what order, when, and where.

Use Native Integration to Improve Data Quality

Leverage SmartIQ Quick Connectors to seamlessly integrate into back-end systems of records for data aggregation (BPM, ERP, CRM), preserving data integrity and the investment in legacy systems.

Document Tools

Create reusable templates to reduce the number of steps required to get documents out for e-signing.

Perspective - OneSpan Sign Key Differentiators:

Experienced Vendor

OneSpan is a trusted vendor with over 25 years of best-in-class e-signature experience processing highvolume, B2C transactions in regulated markets for the largest financial services, insurance, government, and healthcare organizations in the world.


White-labeling creates a fully customized, seamless, and trusted customer experience during the e-sign process. Keeping the spotlight on your brand throughout the entire e-sign process helps drive higher form completion rates for digital processes.

Robust Audit Trail

OneSpan Sign offers the strongest audit trail in the industry to help organizations demonstrate compliance. The audit trail captures key signing and authentication events of the entire agreement process.

Most Secure

Some of the world’s most security-conscious organizations trust OneSpan Sign for their e-signature needs. We take the necessary steps and have safeguards to provide a secure solution, meet industry-standard security requirements, and ensure that data is safe at all times.

Smart Communications is a Recognized Industry Leader

Smart Communications is a Recognized Industry Leader

Smart Communications is a Recognized Industry Leadertwitterlinkedin-bluesite
Smart Communications is a Recognized Industry Leadertwitterlinkedinsite