Continuing innovation: OneSpan digital agreements H1 2024 highlights

Sameer Hajarnis,

We live in a digital-first world, and people have come to expect a consumer-like experience in every aspect of their lives. Whether filling out a form at the doctor’s office, applying for a life-changing loan, or buying a house or car, a seamless, secure, end-to-end digital customer experience is crucial for customer satisfaction and retention.  

If a customer is dissatisfied with a business when filling out a form or signing an agreement, they will likely go elsewhere for a more modern, fully connected digital experience. In fact, 60% of consumers are likely to abandon an interaction if the process of collecting information is inefficient.      

So how do we achieve a secure, consumer-like experience while creating a legally enforceable contract between multiple parties – one that will stand up in court and stand the testament of time? By seamlessly connecting various technologies at key friction points where customers generally drop off. No more clunky identity verification, static PDFs, paper forms, or manual steps to complete agreements.  

The modern age requires modern processes, and we are listening, ensuring our innovations are easy to use, flexible, and secure. Our latest release focuses on making the process of agreeing in the digital world more flexible and more secure for organizations, signers, and senders.  

More flexibility, security, and a better customer experience

Organizations can now initiate OneSpan Sign transactions in their preferred environment, such as Microsoft, SalesForce, Workday, Google Workspace, and more, with our modern integration platform. A comprehensive list of 1,000+ out-of-the-box integrations that can be adapted to your organization’s unique workflows enables you to effectively boost productivity.  

Your business can also offer customers easier ways to engage with you by completing forms and documents on their mobile devices faster than ever before using OneSpan Smart Forms.  

Leveraging one of the most secure and flexible eSignature solutions in the market enables organizations to access regular new enhancements, such as a new masked one-time passcode (OTP) capability to prevent shoulder-surfing attacks and maintain confidentiality.

Additionally, your organization can now deliver a convenient and secure way to notarize customer agreements in real-time with OneSpan Notary in more states across the US.  

OneSpan Integration Platform: Seamlessly connecting workflows

The new OneSpan Integration Platform enables users to easily integrate OneSpan Sign into the business application of their choice.  

Unlike legacy industry offerings, the ​OneSpan Integration Platform is a modern platform that offers a low-code/no-code approach to implement an eSignature solution directly into existing workflows without the need for developer resources.  

Because the integrations are pre-built and easily customizable to meet unique business needs and workflows, the integrations can easily scale and evolve to meet changing business needs.

The OneSpan Integration Platform has the ability to support a comprehensive list of 1,000 application integrations, all of which are easily adaptable to users’ unique workflows. Pre-built integrations are also pre-tested to provide customers with confidence that the integrations won’t allow any security loopholes and will keep sensitive information safe.  

OneSpan Smart Forms: Reimagining the form-filling process

As customers’ expectations for simple, digital experiences increase, most businesses still rely on paper-based processes or static PDFs to collect customer information via forms.  

Earlier this year, we released OneSpan Smart Forms, which gives organizations a way to collect information more accurately and efficiently, taking paper-based, manual processes and agreements and turning them into automated, intelligent, digital interactions. Customers can seamlessly move from one device to another with the information they’ve entered along the way.  

Response-based questions and integrations with core systems turn one-way, standalone exchanges into fast, relevant interactions that can be accessed and eSigned on any device. Deep integration with eSignature and identity verification enables a frictionless end-to-end experience for onboarding and servicing interactions, facilitating higher completion rates.  

Time should never be wasted filling out the same questions or taking too long to process. OneSpan Smart Forms increases efficiency and productivity while delivering the modern data collection experience customers expect. A top-tier bank was able to reduce the enrollment process from a lengthy four months to just a few days by digitizing the enrollment package with a response-based, secure forms transformation solution. This digitized the previously static 16-page PDF enrollment package, making it easier to navigate and reducing the need for manual paperwork. Customer satisfaction and experience increased, as a result.  

OneSpan Sign: Agree in a more secure way  

We consistently enhance our core product, OneSpan Sign, by developing new features to make the agreement process more flexible, easier, and secure while providing a great customer experience.    

We recently released several enhancements to the customer and end-user experience, as well as capabilities that relate to security, such as a new masked OTP capability to help prevent shoulder-surfing attacks and ensure the sensitive authentication code remains confidential.  

Another recent release includes a beta version of a blockchain evidence-proofing capability to help your organization maintain the integrity of transactions in the long term. This offering will provide resistance to quantum computing threats to document encryption, with the ability to verify the validity of document content and timestamps with a blockchain-based distributed ledger.

OneSpan Notary: Bringing notarization online, securely  

With over 1 billion documents notarized in the US each year, there is an opportunity to accelerate digital transformation for notarization to meet rising customer expectations for digital processes. OneSpan Notary enables your organization to accommodate both in-person and remote online notarizations (RON) in a fast, convenient, and secure way.  

OneSpan Notary offers the largest coverage on the market for RON and In-Person Electronic Notarization (IPEN), enabling notaries to easily verify the identity of signers using two-factor authentication (2FA), collect electronic signatures, and securely notarize agreements. To date, OneSpan Notary is available in more than 30 states.

OneSpan Sign eSignature innovations 2024

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Sameer Hajarnis is OneSpan's Senior Vice President & GM of Digital Agreements. Sameer has more than two decades of experience in enterprise software and SaaS companies leading cross-functional teams, including managing business development, sales, strategic alliances, and customer success to improve the customer product and service experience.