OneSpan Sign for Nintex SharePoint Community Connector

Michael Williams,

You may have seen the recent press release, but if you haven’t, I’m happy to announce the availability of new connector to add to the growing list of pre-built OneSpan Sign connectors: The OneSpan Sign for Nintex SharePoint Community Connector. One of the great things about using OneSpan Sign is that it handles the entire signature workflow for you. When creating an OneSpan Sign transaction, just specify the documents, signers, signer order (optional), where to sign, and what authentication method you want to use and OneSpan Sign handles the rest. When your process involves more than just a signature workflow and is instead a much larger process that obtaining an electronic signature is only part of, you turn to a product like Nintex Workflow to help you automate that process from end-to-end.

What is Nintex Workflow?

Nintex Workflow, as described from their website it is:

A product that allows you to automate processes in minutes using an intuitive, browser-based, drag-and-drop workflow designer. The easy-to-use tool reduces the work involved in building, using and improving processes.

Nintex also includes catalogs of sample workflows as well as time-saving smart defaults that preconfigure common activities and settings, so you don’t have to start from scratch and can make simple adjustments to customize each workflow to your needs.

About the OneSpan Sign for Nintex SharePoint Community Connector


 Three distinct actions make up the end-to-end e-signature capabilities of the OneSpan Sign for Nintex SharePoint connector:

  1. Create and Send
  2. Check Status
  3. Download Documents

Note: The current version of OneSpan Sign for Nintex is only available for SharePoint 2013 on-premises installs. OneSpan Sign for Nintex Actions Create and Send The Create and Send action’s configuration page is where the OneSpan Sign transaction is defined. When a running workflow reaches this action, the configured values create the transaction in OneSpan Sign and send it off for e-signature. Currently, the OneSpan Sign for Nintex SharePoint connector requires a template in OneSpan Sign to create the transaction. To configure this action, specify a transaction name, a template from your, the signer information as placeholders in the template, and the output variables for later actions (Check Status and Download Documents). There are also options for a description, an extra transaction email message, and an expiration date. Check Status The Check Status action takes the transaction ID variable set in the Create and Send action and checks the status of that transaction. This action is placed inside a loop to continue checking the status while the status is SENT. This status variable is then available downstream to help direct the workflow down the proper path, depending on different statuses (COMPLETED, DECLINED, OPTED OUT, etc.). Download Documents The Download Documents action takes the transaction ID variable set in the Create and Send action and downloads the documents from this transaction. Only download the documents if the package status is COMPLETED. When the Download Documents action is reached in a workflow, the transaction documents – along with the transaction’s evidence summary – will be downloaded into the configured document library. The full save location for the transaction is: {SharePoint Library}/{Transaction Name}/{Transaction Id}/{filename}.pdf

Community Connectors

CommunityConnector Community Connectors is a collection of integrations with 3rd party platforms that are available to the extended OneSpan Sign community. The OneSpan Sign for Nintex connector is the first connector in this line of connectors, but you can expect a lot more to come from this space. You can download the OneSpan Sign Nintex SharePoint connector from the Partners & Apps section of the OneSpan Sign website. The documentation is available from the Developer Community. If you have questions about features, deployment, etc., support for OneSpan Sign Community Connectors can be obtained through the Developer Community forums. We would also love your feedback on this connector, as this is just the initial release, so we know how to improve this connector in the next release. If you are looking for modifications to the out-of-the-box connector to meet your specific business requirements, feel free to contact our Professional Services team. They can provide you with more information on how you can get it customized to meet your needs. Thanks for reading! If you want to see more posts from me, see my author page. If you want to get started integrating e-signatures, today, visit the OneSpan Sign Developer Community. – Michael Williams Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn