Tesla Cars Can Be Stolen by Hacking the App

Guest Blogger Lars Birkeland, Marketing Director of Promon, November 25, 2016

Our researchers have demonstrated that because of lack of security in the Tesla smartphone app, cyber criminals could take control of the company’s vehicles, to the point where they can track and locate the car in real-time, and unlock and drive the car away unhindered. Such a hack gives criminals total control of the vehicle, providing additional functionality to that exposed by Keen Security Labs in a different hack in late September.

According to TrendMicro, nearly 90 percent of Android devices are exposed to at least one critical vulnerability, because of Android handset makers’ failure to deliver patches. Also according to a recent study, mobile users are massively unaware of cyber threats, with an overwhelming 89 percent of respondents admitting they wouldn’t know if their device has been infected through a cyber attack.

Therefore, it is imperative that IT leaders extend their security remit, and take proactive steps to ensure that the data held on customers’ mobile devices is just as safe from malware and other threats as the data hosted on their servers.


Lars Birkeland
Marketing Director, Promon AS, a VASCO Application Security Partner
VASCO Guest Blogger

Runtime Application Self-protection Is Critical For Mobile App Security

Runtime Application Self-protection Is Critical For Mobile App Security

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