The Top 6 Legal Risks of Electronic Signatures

Melanie Attia, October 23, 2017

Moving business processes and approvals online without introducing legal risks is not a simple task. While the ESIGN Act grants electronically signed records the same legal status as paper records, it is no guarantee that they will be admitted into court as evidence or that they will provide adequate defense in the event of a legal dispute.  In addition to that, the minimum requirements of the ESIGN Act do not ensure protection against a number of other important risks associated with online electronic signatures.

Forgery has probably been around as long as people have been signing their names on paper. So it’s not surprising that when it comes to electronic signatures, the risk for fraud and other legal infractions such as repudiation or lack of admissibility and compliance still exist—especially if the electronic signing process is not properly designed.

Top 6 Legal Risks of E-Signatures & E-Transactions

Top 6 Legal Risks of E-Signatures & E-Transactions

Learn best practices for how to reduce legal risk, while increasing enforceability through electronic signatures.

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In collaboration with leading e-commerce law firm, Locke Lord LLP, this white paper explains how a well-designed signing process, supported by new generation electronic signature technology, not only prevents legal risks, but reduces them. In short, if it is well designed, an electronic signature solution is more legally binding and reliable than wet-ink signing.

Those with legal, compliance, IT, operations and risk management responsibilities within their company will gain important insights from our newest white paper as it also addresses the following topics:

  • Authentication and verification of signers and their identity online
  • Preserving the integrity of signed documents with e-signatures
  • Gathering additional information during the signature process to strengthen legal and compliance position
  • How regulatory requirements can be enforced to ensure compliant processes
  • Simplifying the signature process to ensure greater adoption
  • How to ensure greater visibility and control over processes

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