Top Reasons to Choose eSignLive and SoftLayer

Mary Ellen Power, January 26, 2016

The world is going digital and using e-signature software and services as an enabler. According to Forrester Research, there has been a 53% average annual growth in the use of e-signatures since 2012. Analyst Craig Le Clair expects e-signature transaction volume to grow from 210 million in 2014 to more than 700 million in 2017 (Brief: E-Signature Transactions Topped 210 Million In 2014, May 2014, Forrester Research).

The cloud is one of the driving forces behind this spike in e-signature adoption.  


At eSignLive, 96% of our new customers are in a shared or dedicated cloud environment. There are a few reasons for this. The cloud is accessible and cost effective. You don’t have to fund the cost of on-premise hardware and software. Some companies don’t even dedicate any IT resources to a cloud-based e-signature project.

But most important, the cloud slashes deployment time by almost 90%. As a provider of both on-premises and cloud solutions, we are in a unique position to track the time it takes to go-live with an e-signature project. Cloud enables an organization of any size to go live 9 times faster!

Electronic Signature Laws Around The World

More than 75 countries recognize the legal validity of e-signatures. This ebook provides a valuable introduction to the various legalities and legislative trends governing e-signatures around the globe.

Links to all legislation

To compete and differentiate, businesses want to get up and running quickly with e-signatures and digital transactions. It’s a domino effect. The faster you get to market, the faster you impact customer experience, the faster you close business, the faster you pocket the ROI. Today, everything is about speed.

Of course, speed has to go hand-in-hand with compliance. We know that organizations around the world – especially regulated organizations such as financial services, insurance and healthcare – are concerned about data residency and privacy. Even more so, following the European Court of Justice’s Safe Harbor ruling.

In 2015, we announced we were bringing in-country hosting of our e-signature service to Canada, Australia, Japan, Germany, the UK, Singapore and Brazil, so data doesn’t transit to a US-based server. If you do business outside of these countries, that’s not a problem. Because eSignLive is hosted on IBM Cloud’s global SoftLayer infrastructure, we can spin up new instances of our service in days, from virtually anywhere in the world. No matter where our customers want to host eSignLive, we can respond – fast – without compromising data sovereignty or security.

Having access to SoftLayer’s infrastructure is reassuring for our customers. Not only is IBM a trusted brand, SoftLayer has a global footprint. No matter where you do business, with eSignLive and SoftLayer you can host your documents and data in your country, knowing your data is secure within your borders.

If your organization is considering using cloud-based e-signatures, flexibility in deployment is another reason to take a deeper look at eSignLive. We have customers like the Canadian Olympic Committee, FundSERV and a top 5 Australian bank that run their digital transactions in the cloud. With eSignLive and SoftLayer, you make the choice based on your unique requirements. (eSignLive can also be deployed on-premises behind your firewall.)

To learn more about the advantages of e-signatures on IBM Cloud and SoftLayer, watch this interview with Ilene Vogt, Senior VP of Sales, Marketing and Services at eSignLive.