Weekly News Roundup: 1.17.15

Mary Ellen Power, January 17, 2015

It's hard to believe that we're already halfway through the first month of the 2015, but as the year rolls on, so too do developments in the digital signature sector. E-signatures can secure important data, improve operational efficiency and simplify the customer experience, so it should come as no surprise that an increasing number of businesses are turning to these solutions.

The following are just some of the sector's highlights from the past week:

Security an essential in 2015
The Box Blog reported that one of the biggest points of focus for companies in the coming year will be cybersecurity. Today's workplace is becoming increasingly digital, with trends such as software-as-a-service and bring-your-own-device becoming standard operating procedures, rather than innovative new practices. However, this also means that an increasing amount of data is now exposed to threats that are exclusive to the digital world. The news source noted that as a result, decision makers from the C-level, audit committee and board need to be prepared to tackle these challenges head-on. This makes digital signatures a must. As contracts, agreements and other forms of documentation move into this digital space, having sound electronic signature software will be essential.

E-signatures reduce manifest workloads
Logistics is all about getting goods to where they need to be intact and on time. But as Commercial Carrier Journal noted, the data about these shipments carried in vehicle manifests is just as important as the goods themselves, as it provides key information about shipment location and delivery.

As a result, many freight operations have turned to transportation management software and mobile applications with digital signature capabilities to create immediate and accessible records of delivery. The news source noted that this allows logistics companies to provide proof-of-delivery receipts for immediate billing and eliminates the build up of paper ones.

Simplifying the home-buying process
Buying or selling a home is a massive decision, but once you've arrived on your ideal agreement, the hard part should be over. But all too often, the logistics of getting all the involved parties to the same location to sign the agreement can seem almost as difficult as the details of the contract itself. Fortunately, e-signatures are simplifying this process.

The Tennessean interviewed Alana Barnett, a real estate broker, who spoke on the growing importance of customer service in real estate. She explained that the use of e-signatures is making the contract process much easier for her customers, as it means parties can sign a deal from different locations with ease, taking some of the logistical frustrations out of the process.

As these headlines and the building steam of digital signatures as a whole indicate, 2015 is proving to be a banner year for the sector. Security, efficiency and convenience are aspects of business that will never go away, so by adopting these solutions, companies will be able to immediate improvements to their operations.