Digitize your healthcare processes with e-signature, digital identity verification, and multi-factor authentication ​

Trusted by healthcare organizations around the world​

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The Challenge​

Healthcare has long been arranged around an in-person patient experience that required face-to-face interaction. While waiting to see a doctor, patients complete and submit paper forms to the front office team for archiving. The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted this dynamic. Patients became averse to entering hospitals and medical facilities, and solutions such as telemedicine arose as attractive alternatives.​

In a landscape of rising demand for remote processes, healthcare organizations need digital solutions that meet this demand while also maintaining compliance with patient privacy regulations. These organizations must do more than add a digital touch to existing manual processes. A complete overhaul of the workflow, re-designed for the digital channel with a flexible SaaS-based solution, can both enable an exceptional patient experience while safeguarding their data.​

Healthcare Use Cases​


Electronic Signature

  • Patient consent forms​
  • Physician credentialing
  • Claims processing​
  • Medical records updates ​
  • Vendor onboarding​
  • Employee onboarding​
  • E-Contracting
Identity verification

Digital Identity Verification

  • Patient onboarding ​
  • Employee onboarding​


  • Secure online account access ​
  • Electronic prescriptions for controlled substances (EPCS)
  • Patient portal access​
  • HIPPA identity protection​

Our Capabilities​

Automate and secure the digital experience for your patients, employees, and partners ​

requesting esignatures

E-Signature ​

Automate your workflows and capture patient consent with secure, legally binding, and HIPAA compliant e-signatures available anytime, anywhere, and from any device.​

Hardware and mobile authenticator

Strong Patient Authentication​

Secure access to electronic health records, controlled medications, online accounts, and systems with easy-to-use mobile, biometrics, and hardware authenticators that deliver strong, cost-effective security for remote use cases.  ​

Identity Verification

Digital Identity Verification 

Leverage digital identity verification services, including ID document capture and facial comparison, for remote onboarding of new patients, physicians, and employees.​

Security & Compliance - A purple hammer & gavel

Strong Authentication for EPCS​

Customize your mobile e-signing app to create a unique, customer experience

How Digital Automation and eSignatures Improve Patient Experiences in Healthcare​

With the rise of telehealth and telemedicine, patient experience is top of mind. E-Signatures, digital identity verification, and Intelligent Adaptive Authentication are key technologies that help healthcare organizations streamline processes and verify patient ID during remote onboarding and virtual doctor visits. ​

Learn about HIPAA compliance, automating signing workflows, and applying invisible security to your remote processes and mobile applications.​

What Customers Are Saying

Amazingly easy to use and saves an enormous amount of time signing documents. Paperless solution that actually is paperless — no more filing cabinets or wasted space. No more faxes — saves us an enormous amount of time and money.

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Product Review from a User in Healthcare

The sales team is genuinely interested in solving problems and is unmatched to any other vendor I’ve been in contact with.

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Pharmaceutical customer

Quick development and deployment. We integrated directly into our project management using OneSpan Sign API. This process was much easier than anticipated.

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Integrator for healthcare organization

This is the first time I’ve used e-signature software, and I was surprised how easy it was to get up and running. Everything was fairly intuitive. I also appreciated the ability to e-sign on my smartphone.

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Clinical psychologist

A great product for those looking to handle manual eSignatures.  Constant upgrade of features, simple interface and willingness to listen to customers for future features. Architecture is superior to others in the market. They have consistently kept the platform stable while adding new features on a frequent basis.

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John F

Chief Technology Officer, Mid Market Hospital and Healthcare Provider

Great solution! The ability to easily have the document signed and date stamped regardless of employee location makes notifications and the collection of required forms so much easier for HR and our employees.

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Craig F

Director of Human Resources, Mid-market Hospital and Healthcare Provider​

Signing outgoing communications via MS Word documents is a snap…we just love it.

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Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon​

Try the Demo Health Portal​

Join the OneSpan Community and take advantage of our demo health portal. This interactive demo showcases a secure, convenient user experience as well as other features.

In the patient portal, you can request to see a virtual doctor, sign a waiver using OneSpan Sign electronic signatures, and authenticate using Intelligent Adaptive Authentication.

Screenshot of the Patient Portal Healthcare demo

Why OneSpan​

Simplified Patient and Physician Experiences​

Healthcare organizations around the world choose OneSpan for our proven experience creating and optimizing digital workflows. We understand the challenges of protecting and enabling the digital patient journey and provide the technologies to simplify processes and create an exceptional patient experience.

Secure Digital Customer Journeys​

By establishing trust in digital identities, devices, and transactions with best-in-class security solutions, we help you protect against fraud, increase top-line growth, and strengthen compliance as you modernize the customer experience.​ 

Compliance Expertise and Accreditations​

Our solutions are built on leading infrastructure services and compliant with HIPAA, ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 27018, SOC2 Type II, FedRAMP, FIPS 140-2 Level 1 and 2, and other requirements and standards. 

Flexible Solutions and Cloud-based Platform​

Our solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with third-party and in-house systems, so you can continue to leverage your existing technology investments. In addition, our solutions make it easy to integrate new and existing tools and technologies to better detect fraud and improve the patient experience.  

Customer Commitment and Support​

Customers appreciate OneSpan’s industry-leading post-launch support, where we provide ongoing help to fine-tune fraud prevention, increase efficiency, and improve adoption rates. 

Questions? We’re ready with answers​

OneSpan can help your healthcare organization digitize and secure the patient experience throughout the customer lifecycle.​