Transaction Data Signing

OneSpan’s transaction signing solution works by creating a signature unique to each particular transaction. This solution preserves data integrity and ensures authenticity, rendering any changes made to a transaction after it has been electronically signed, invalid.

Cronto Visual Transaction Data Signing

OneSpan Cronto® solutions are designed to elevate trust in online banking transactions, combating sophisticated threats while at the same time, delivering a frictionless experience for users.

PIN Pad Authenticators

PIN pad authenticators from OneSpan are the ideal password-protected personal identification device for banks, enterprises and organizations needing to support and maintain a flexible security infrastructure that is easily accessible from anywhere at any time by customers and employees.


OneSpan’s Bluetooth Smart-enabled two-factor authentication and transaction signing products deliver all the security advantages you’ve come to expect from OneSpan solutions, while offering a transparent experience for your users via instant Bluetooth connectivity from almost any mobile device.

Voice-Enabled Authenticator

Voice-enabled authenticators convert one-time passwords into speech, offering secure online banking services to blind or visually impaired individuals.

Display Cards

Display Cards are slightly larger palm size devices with numeric keypads and PIN protection, providing an additional security layer. They support strong authentication with one-time passwords, and additional transaction integrity with transaction signing.