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Use digital identity verification to acquire more customers and fight application fraud

Gain access to a wide range of digital identity verification services all through a single platform​

  • Acquire More Customers

    Acquire More Customers​

    Enable online and mobile channel growth with digital identity verification as part of customer onboarding.

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    Enable secure, remote account opening with digital identity verification, biometric verification,
    e-signatures, and fraud detection​.

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    Access Multiple Verification Methods

    Design multi-step workflows and select the best verification methods to optimize for security and UX​.

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    Verify the authenticity of ID documents in real-time and compare facial biometric data.

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    Comply with KYC Requirements

    Comply with KYC (Know Your Customer) identity verification requirements and assess customer risk.

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    Fight Identity Fraud

    Detect fraudulent ID documents and prevent application fraud in real time. 


Scalable, future-proof digital identity verification services through OneSpan Verification Hub

Select the best identity verification methods for your demographic to optimize adoption rates. Add new verification methods as they come to market.

Avoid vendor lock-in. Access multiple verification providers through a single hub.

Auditable & Enforceable
Capture a single, complete audit trail tied to the entire transaction – from ID verification to signature.

Single Company
Reap the benefits of a single API integration, SLA, and vendor.

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Onboard more customers with online identity verification

Today’s consumer demands a fully digital experience – available online and on mobile. 

The ability to verify a user’s identity online without the need for in-person ID verification speeds up customer acquisition, reduces customer abandonment, and drives growth.

Enable low-friction customer acquisition with digital identity verification.

Transform account opening


Transform account opening with digital identity verification

Financial institutions need to offer fully digital account opening processes to meet customer expectations, achieve digital channel growth, and remain competitive.​

The ability the verify a customer’s identity digitally while mitigating the risk of fraud is fundamental to achieving this goal.​

Learn how to digitize and protect the account opening process with digital identity verification, biometric verification, e-signatures, and fraud detection. ​


Low friction customer onboarding with ID document verification and facial comparison

ID document verification and facial comparison enable a customer’s identity to be authenticated in real-time, whether the transaction is in-branch or remote.

See how ID document verification uses artificial intelligence (AI) and authenticity algorithms to determine whether an image of an ID document such as a passport or driver’s license is genuine or fraudulent.



Capture a selfie and leverage advanced algorithms to determine whether a remote user is genuine

The ability to prove that a user is genuine and physically present during remote account opening is a critical component in the fight against application fraud.​

​Facial comparison extracts biometric data from a selfie and compares that against the image in an authenticated ID document. Learn how to use this technology to determine whether a remote user is who they claim to be – and is in fact the person doing the transaction. 

Our customers use Verification Hub for..​.

  • Financial Agreement Automation

    One of the largest lenders in the UK used car finance market, MotoNovo Finance uses OneSpan Verification Hub to digitally identify online applicants. Digital identity verification and KYC checks available through Verification Hub have enabled MotoNovo to grow rapidly while preventing application fraud.

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    40% of new business automated

    Reduced fraud with real-time KYC checks

    Increased growth to achieve £150M of new business per month

    Read Case Study
  • Automotive Finance Agreements

    Investec is an international specialist banking and asset management group. To strengthen compliance and improve their auto finance experience, Investec implemented a fully digital application process with eID verification and e-signatures. 

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    25% of financial agreements automated

    Made the customer contract process more convenient and efficient

    Capture a complete audit trail to prove a compliant process was followed  

    Read Case Study

    Digital identity verification is a key step in the remote account opening process as it enables FIs to verify that an applicant’s identity is genuine and that the application is not fraudulent.  ​


    Aite report open

    Aite provides an expert analysis of the top trends, challenges, and technologies to deliver a customer-centric, mobile-first account opening experience​

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Detect fraudulent ID documents and prevent application fraud in real time

Cyber attacks on financial institutions (FIs) are growing in volume, complexity, and speed. Data breaches make identity theft and application fraud easier to perpetrate.

Given the scale and impact of fraud, it is vital that FIs detect fraud during the account opening and customer onboarding process. 

To stay ahead, FIs need identity verification and fraud detection solutions that use machine learning to determine the appropriate level of security to:

  1. Protect the user
  2. Protect the device and session
  3. Ensure fraud prevention across all digital channels
  4. Provide flexible and secure authentication journeys


Prove you know your customer with digital identity verification​

In addition to strengthening compliance, KYC checks are important part of an effective fraud prevention strategy in the fight against application fraud. 

By verifying a user’s identity and running KYC checks using bureau-held credit information, financial institutions can ensure that the applicant is someone they want to do business with. 

Get started with digital identity verification

OneSpan can help you deliver online/mobile ID verification services to acquire new customers while protecting against fraud.