Improve the integrity and completion of online transactions and protect against identity and credential theft.

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OneSpan, the digital agreements security company, helps enterprise organizations secure digital transactions with enterprise-grade identity verification and authentication solutions. 

DIGIPASS CX, OneSpan’s next generation of connected smart devices, delivers a flexible solution improving the integrity and completion of online transactions while preventing sophisticated social engineering threats. 

Unlike legacy authentication tokens, DIGIPASS CX devices combine the flexibility of cloud connectivity with high assurance authentication where one-time passcodes are never disclosed. This mitigates human risk in social engineering. 

With a single passwordless smart device, users can authenticate, perform banking transactions, securely sign documents, and store digital identity credentials. The devices support multiple authentication methods, ensuring the integrity of high-value transactions and agreements. 

Cloud connectivity offers organizations the flexibility to activate new features, update security protocols and install secure remote updates on smart devices, even after they have been deployed.  

DIGIPASS CX devices are easy to use, with fingerprint biometrics for a smooth user experience. Users can log in or authorize transactions and agreements anytime, anywhere, on a desktop, laptop or phone, using a range of connection options. 

The connected smart devices also support OneSpan’s broader portfolio, including Virtual Room, to securely authenticate participants in video-assisted transactions and agreements. 

Each year OneSpan processes billions of transactions and hundreds of millions of digital agreements in more than 100 countries.  

Ensure the integrity of the people behind transactions and agreements of consequence today, with DIGIPASS CX, the next generation of connected devices. 

OneSpan, The Digital Agreement Security Company 

DIGIPASS CX Smart Devices
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Introducing the new DIGIPASS CX smart devices

Meet a flexible solution designed to strengthen trust and improve the integrity of online transactions.