Get insurance forms signed within Guidewire’s policy and claims platforms to create a modern and paperless experience across any channel

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Experienced E-signature Provider

Leverage OneSpan Sign’s best-in-class capabilities for the most seamless signing experience to accelerate application completion rates

Advanced Security

Advanced Security

Military-grade security protects your documents and users against fraud. The most comprehensive audit trails prove compliance and deter legal disputes


Customer Experience

YOUR brand matters — Put your brand front and center with our white-labelling capabilities to ensure trust for your customers


Workflow Customization

Set workflow rules in Guidewire to ensure that the process is 100% digital and accurate - reducing NIGO errors and increasing productivity


Two-way Data Flow

Send documents for signature directly from Guidewire – signed documents are then automatically archived back to the Guidewire apps for a straight-through process

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Cost-effective Solution

Our pre-built accelerators for Guidewire are available with no hidden fees or extra costs

Experienced E-Signature Provider

Built on years of best-in-class e-signature capabilities for the most secure signing experience

As pioneers of the e-signature market, OneSpan has over 15 years of experience helping Insurance carriers, broker-dealers and agencies reduce the cycle time and eliminate paper-based processes in acquiring new customers and completing claims. We have proven best practices for accelerating ROI and adoption across online, mobile, call center and captive and agent channels.

From online new business policy applications to complex mediated claims processes, our solution has flexible options for authentication, signature capture methods, and a number of workflow options. We take pride in helping our clients enhance digital experiences for their customers.

Advanced Security

Prove your compliance and deflect legal disputes with the most comprehensive audit trails

The security of your organization and customers is paramount to all of us. OneSpan Sign’s tamper evident seal and digital signature is applied after each signature and can automatically identify any modifications to the document. 

Our advanced military grade security also embeds the audit trail of the signing experience right inside the document. This gives you the power to validate the signatures immediately.

OneSpan Sign is the only e-signature solution to offer a single audit trail of the entire agreement process that captures identity verification, authentication, and e-signature events proving how the signer was identified, what they signed, when, and where. Audit trails are embedded in the document and travel everywhere with the record seamlessly. Records can be stored in any system of your choice.

Customer Experience

Create a unique customer experience by white-labelling the solution to keep your brand front and center with your customers

Get documents e-signed anytime, anywhere, on any device while keeping the spotlight on your brand. 

Provide customers, brokers, and agents with the most seamless experience to promote high adoption and completion rates with the OneSpan Sign for Guidewire accelerators for Policy Center™ and  ClaimCenter™ OneSpan Sign is optimized for desktop and mobile signing right ’out of the box’, while enabling you to fully customize workflows and screens to create a unique and trusted experience. That includes white-labeling at no extra charge.

Workflow Customization

A wide range of capabilities to automate, streamline, and integrate e-signatures into your insurance business processes

Accelerate the document approval process for new business applications, waivers, and claims documents with the OneSpan Sign for Guidewire accelerators. Add e-signatures to Guidewire workflows to ensure that insurance business processes remain 100% digital – all while reducing document handling costs, NIGO errors, and increasing productivity for insurance brokers, agents, and employees.

Two-Way Data Flow

Eliminate manual processing of insurance documents with electronic signatures

Enhance your users’ productivity by eliminating manual data entry with two-way data flow. OneSpan Sign for Guidewire can pull data from your Guidewire  PolicyCenter™ and ClaimCenter™ workflows into your documents and then are automatically returned to the Guidewire applications for electronic storage for completely digital, straight-through processing. A complete audit trail is archived with the e-signed documents that captures who signed, in what order, when, and where. 

Use Cases

The OneSpan Sign for Guidewire accelerators for Policy Center™  and ClaimCenter™ lets you add e-signatures to all kinds of insurance documents, such as:

  • New business applications
  • Option forms
  • Un/under-insured motorist 
  • Renewals
  • Disclosure delivery
  • Policy servicing
  • Agent licensing and appointment 
  • Claims forms
  • Reinsurance forms 
  • And more!

Cost Effective Solution

Get transparent pricing with no nickel and diming, no hidden fees, and no surprise price increases

Unlike other electronic signature providers, you won’t see an astronomical price increase at the end of your contract. We work closely with you to review your consumption needs and help you scale your model in the most cost-effective manner. What’s more, if your needs and volume change before your contract is up, we’ll re-assess the terms so that you maintain a cost-effective solution – today and tomorrow.

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