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Mobile Authentication

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Hardware Authentication


Authentication Servers

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Risk Analytics

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Mobile Security Suite

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Mobile Application Shielding


Identity Verification​

Trusted Identity Platform - Full Integrated Cloud-Based Platform

OneSpan Cloud Authentication

A quick-to-deploy, cloud-based multi-factor authentication solution with proven security for online applications

Intelligent Adaptive Authentication

Detect and prevent more fraud more accurately with automated analysis of countless user and device data points in real time to evaluate the risk inherent in every transaction. Then, based on the context and the associated risk, enforce the right level of authentication for that particular situation.

Mobile Authenticators

Quickly configure and publish customized mobile authenticator apps for use by your customers

Customize and deploy mobile authenticator apps to the official app stores quickly and easily. OneSpan Mobile Authenticator Studio is an intuitive configuration studio for mobile authenticator apps that eliminates the need for extensive app development or in-depth technical knowledge.

Mobile authentication

Mobile Authenticator Studio

Quickly configure and publish customized mobile authenticator apps for use by your customers.

Customize mobile authenticator apps using your brand and your choice of features including fingerprint, Face ID, push-and-log-in, transaction signing and more and quickly and easily publish those apps to the official app stores. OneSpan Mobile Authenticator Studio is an intuitive configuration studio for mobile authenticator apps that accelerates speed-to-market and eliminates the need for extensive app development or in-depth technical knowledge.

Hardware Authentication

Mitigate fraud and secure high-value transactions with user-friendly hardware authentication devices

The world’s leading banks trust OneSpan hardware authenticators for two-factor authentication (2FA), one-time passwords (OTP),  transaction signing, FIDO U2F use cases and more. With a simple interface, OneSpan’s large portfolio of hardware authenticators offers proven out-of-band user authentication and transaction signing.

authentication servers

Authentication Servers

Deploy high-availability authentication and transaction-signing capabilities at mass scale

Prevent fraud by authenticating users with highly available authentication services deployable on premises or in virtual environments. For mass implementations processing large volumes of authentication requests, such as customer-facing applications including online banking, deploy the OneSpan Authentication Server Framework.

Fido Authentication

Implement simpler, stronger authentication procedures and eliminate passwords to create a secure and unrivalled user experience

Protect your applications against phishing, Man-in-the-middle (MITM) and replay attacks with one single FIDO infrastructure and enjoy the flexibility to choose from different authentication methods including biometrics, PIN, second factors and push notifications.



Whether you’re looking for an out-of-the-box e-signature solution or API / SDK to integrate e-signing into your apps, OneSpan Sign has you covered

See how OneSpan Sign balances ease of use with the highest levels of security and compliance to deliver a risk-free e-signature solution for all your business needs.

Risk Analytics

Mitigate fraud in real-time by accurately detecting suspicious behavior and dynamically stepping up security when needed

Detect and mitigate the most sophisticated emerging fraud techniques more accurately and in real-time. OneSpan’s Risk Analytics solutions and engine leverages machine learning technology / algorithms to score countless contextual data elements in real-time, from device and app security and authentication to transaction elements.

mobile security suite

Mobile Security Suite

Establish the trustworthiness of applications, devices, and users with ease and certainty

Mobile authentication relies on creating trust in untrusted environments. We’ve developed the OneSpan Mobile Security Suite to ensure the integrity of the application, the device on which it runs, and the user. The suite includes a comprehensive offering of mobile security capabilities, mobile authenticators, and application shielding, and Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) technology.

Mobile Application Shielding

Improve your users’ mobile app experiences while reducing fraud and defending the app’s runtime against the latest mobile app security threats.

A solid layer of app security empowers your mobile apps to operate safely in untrusted environments without aggravating users. OneSpan Mobile App Shielding reduces the risk associated with jailbroken or rooted phones, identifies and stops mobile banking trojans and other malware, strengthens resistance to tampering and reverse-engineering, and takes mere minutes to apply to your Android and iOS apps.

Identity Verification​

Use digital identity verification to acquire more customers, reduce customer abandonment during account opening, and fight application fraud

OneSpan Identity Verification​ gives financial institutions access to multiple digital identity verification services all through a single platform.

The platform allows FIs to access best-in-class identity verification methods from multiple providers while reaping the benefits of a single API integration, SLA, and vendor.

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