Data Driven Security in Digital Banking

Security Expert Alex Kuznetsov Discusses How Personalized Security Helps to Deliver Frictionless User Experiences

Almost everyone has a story in which they encountered friction as part of online banking and were prevented from logging in or completing a transaction. Maybe they forgot a password and failed to login too many times. Maybe the security system did not recognize their device or IP address. Whatever the reason, the security in place either caused significant friction to the process, or brought that customer’s experience to a halt.

In this video OneSpan Solution Specialist Alex Kuznetsov explains how security solutions need to leverage user data to offer adaptive and personalized security. By personalizing user experiences banks can deliver as frictionless an experience as possible. 
Watch his presentation to learn:

  • Why banks need to deliver personalized security to each customer
  • Building a digital trust profile and using it to guide authentication checks
  • How to dynamically assess vulnerabilities with adaptive authentication
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