Trust Vault

Quantum-safe Blockchain Storage

Leverage blockchain to secure your most valuable documents – now and in the future

OneSpan Trust Vault is a digital vault solution that leverages blockchain technology to help guarantee the integrity and
long-term viability of documents.

Fully integrated with OneSpan Sign, Trust Vault safeguards against unauthorized access, ensures the authenticity of digital documents, and addresses regulatory requirements for proof of origin, independent audit, and more.

Benefits of immutable blockchain storage with OneSpan Trust Vault

Safeguard against unauthorized access, ensure the authenticity of documents, and address regulatory requirements.

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Electronic signature integration

Single platform simplifies workflows and eliminates the need for manual uploads.

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Robust tamper detection and prevention

Protects against any internal and external attempts at tampering or falsification.

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Full end-to-end audit

Audit trail gives visibility on all user actions related to signed documents.

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Streamlined, error-resistant workflows

Embedded workflows ensure that every step in the process is followed, reducing human error.

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Blockchain-powered security

Decentralized storage decouples trust from the vendor, protecting documents from breaches.

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Irrefutable certainty of document origin date

Knowing the exact date of origin with irrefutable certainty instills trust in the document's authenticity.

How organizations can benefit from Trust Vault

OneSpan Trust Vault is the digital vault solution for organizations' most valuable digital documents.

  • Personal and commercial lending: Credit card applications, mortgages, auto finance, personal and business loans.
  • Legal contracts and agreements: Wills, property deeds, titles, court papers, corporate contracts, and T&Cs.
  • Healthcare documents: Medical consent and patient onboarding forms.
  • Government records: Tax declarations, certificates, and licenses.
  • Insurance: Claims, policy documents, and claims forms.

What customers are saying

“We believe that OneSpan Sign combined with Trust Vault will set a new standard for individuals and enterprises relying on the long-term viability and integrity of digital agreements and

Christian Hasker, Chief Marketing Officer
Swirlds Labs

OneSpan Trust Vault FAQ

What is the benefit of using blockchain technology for digital vault solutions?

Blockchain technology is used to ensure document integrity. Digital vault solutions based on decentralized trust provide stored documents and contracts with strong protection against compromise and falsification. Unlike traditional centralized vaulting systems, blockchain-based storage does not rely on a single entity for control, making it resistant to fraud, and enhancing transparency.

How can existing OneSpan Sign customers activate Trust Vault?

Existing OneSpan Sign customers can contact their sales representative or use the contact form on our contact us page to have Trust Vault activated. Trust Vault will be added automatically to all existing workflows once the feature is activated.

How do documents go into OneSpan Trust Vault?

Documents are automatically uploaded to OneSpan Trust Vault upon completion of an electronic signature transaction in OneSpan Sign.

What kind of pricing models does OneSpan provide?

OneSpan Trust Vault is currently available as a feature of OneSpan Sign. Existing OneSpan Sign customers can contact their sales representative or contact us to receive OneSpan Trust Vault pricing models.

How is access control managed in OneSpan Trust Vault?

Customers can manage user access to Trust Vault through pre-built and custom roles. Different Trust Vault permissions are available to control what action a user can perform on vaulted documents.

How do I get OneSpan Trust Vault today?

OneSpan Trust Vault is a capability of OneSpan Sign. To add OneSpan Trust Vault to existing digital workflows, new and existing customers can contact an expert on our contact us page.

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