The State of Digital Account Opening Transformation 2020

Digital Account Opening

ISMG’s latest financial industry survey reveals that in 2020, banks and financial institutions (FIs) are highly focused on improving the digital account opening experience. 

This 28-page report compiles survey responses from banking and security leaders representing more than 100 FIs. Among the key findings, 80% of FIs confirmed that streamlining the digital account opening process and acquiring new customers is their top priority for 2020. In fact, 64% of respondents indicated an increase in budget dedicated to improving digital account opening – aligning around digital identity verification, e-signature, and biometrics to help reinvent the experience and improve customer acquisition.  

Download this report to get the latest data to help inform your organization’s decisions on digital account opening transformation. 

Download this report to learn:

  • How your organization’s 2020 plans compare to peers and competitors 
  • Drivers, challenges, and opportunities shaping the end-to-end digital account opening process
  • Budget plans and technology investments for 2020
  • How to help prevent fraud due to synthetic identities, stolen identities, and bot activity 
  • How your institution ranks in digital account opening maturity