Smart Digital Agreements for Banking: Live Demo

Smart Digital Agreements powered by OneSpan Sign + Smart Communications

Digital Banking 2022 Demo

This demo was broadcast at the American Banker DIGITAL BANKING 2022 summit.

As digital transformation continues to redefine business, maintaining exceptional customer and employee experiences is a top priority for financial institutions looking to gain a competitive advantage. OneSpan has partnered with Smart Communications to create a smart digital agreements solution for financial services to simplify the customer experience around new account opening and management.

With a combined smart digital agreement solution from OneSpan and Smart Communications, organizations can digitize and automate the agreement process from initiation to completion. During the application process, SmartIQ™ leverages real-time data and customized approval workflows to power intuitive, interview-style forms and business processes to empower customer-focused businesses to create data-driven interactions throughout the customer journey - from acquisition and onboarding, to management and growth. Direct integration with the powerful digital agreement capabilities of the OneSpan Sign platform simplifies the customer application workflow - from the completion of the agreement, through the e-signature process, to the management of the agreement. The combined solution allows organizations to accelerate agreements and provide a superior level of service to banking customers.

With OneSpan Sign + Smart Communications powering Smart Digital Agreements, financial services providers can:

  • Improve completion rates
  • Introduce mobile-ready and intelligent “guided” customer experiences that reduce abandonment in application and servicing workflows
  • Modernize the experience
  • Incorporate experience-driven workflows with conditional logic to capture data and signatures for a more intuitive customer experience
  • Save time and reduce errors
  • Reduce time to complete complex and lengthy forms, and eliminate Not in Good Order (NIGO) applications