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Security Products Overview

Protect people, devices, and transactions from fraud while ensuring a frictionless customer experience

OneSpan provides a wide range of authentication, mobile app security, and risk analytics solutions to identify and stop fraud

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    Reduce Friction

    Apply security invisibly and intelligently to ensure a frictionless customer experience

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    Ensure Compliance

    Protect your customer’s data and comply with the most stringent regulations, including PSD2

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    Reduce Fraud

    Detect and mitigate the most sophisticated and emerging fraud techniques more accurately
    and in real-time.

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    Secure Mobile Apps

    Safe-guard your mobile apps, users, and transactions against malicious attacks and fraud

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    Improve Efficiency

    Reduce manual reviews by automating fraud detection and dynamically adjusting security measures

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    Deploy Quickly

    Leverage our pre-configured rule sets for web banking, mobile banking, and common fraud profiles

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Trusted Identity Platform

Secure your digital transactions across channels with solutions enabled by our open, cloud-based platform

The OneSpan Trusted Identity Platform is a radically new approach that orchestrates risk analytics with machine learning, comprehensive mobile security, and authentication technologies to streamline deployment across channels and better identify and mitigate the risk of emerging fraud schemes.

Innovative Solutions


Drive growth through the best possible user authentication experiences with our multi-factor authentication solutions

OneSpan's comprehensive suite of hardware and software authentication solutions ensure the right security for each use case. Whether you're deploying new biometrics techniques like face recognition or the latest in behavioral biometrics and adaptive authentication, we have you covered.

Mobile Security App

Mobile App Security

Establish the trustworthiness of applications, devices, and users with ease and certainty

Mobile authentication relies on creating trust in untrusted environments. We’ve developed the OneSpan Mobile Security Suite to ensure the integrity of the application, the device on which it runs, and the user. The suite includes a comprehensive offering of mobile security capabilities, mobile authenticators, and application shielding, and Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) technology.

Fraud Management

Risk Analytics

Mitigate fraud in real-time by accurately detecting suspicious behavior and dynamically stepping up security when needed

Detect and mitigate the most sophisticated emerging fraud techniques more accurately and in real-time. OneSpan’s Risk Analytics solutions and engine leverages machine learning technology / algorithms to score countless contextual data elements in real-time, from device and app security and authentication to transaction elements.