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Drive growth via your mobile channel with an effortless customer experience and better security

See how OneSpan’s Mobile Solutions can help you deliver convenient and secure mobile experiences to your customers.

Strengthen your reputation as a provider of convenient, secure mobile financial services with frictionless authentication and invisible security

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    Gain crucial insight and visibility into risk in the mobile channel to detect and stop fraud

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    Advanced Security

    Protect apps and users against malware and fraud with app shielding and runtime application self protection (RASP)

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    Strong Authentication

    Implement flexible authentication scenarios with fingerprint, face, behavioral biometrics and more

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    Achieve compliance with a consistent, modular approach to hardening mobile apps and authenticating users

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    Fraud Prevention

    Detect and stop fraud with strong authentication and automated, rigorous defenses against targeted attacks

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    Speed to Market

    Accelerate development and deployment of secure mobile apps with easy-to-integrate security and authentication features

Building Blocks of Trust

Gain clear insights into the trustworthiness of apps, devices and users

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    Stop attackers from reverse-engineering or tampering with your app to prevent repackaging and related attacks

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    Detect rooted and jailbroken devices that may put your applications and transactions at risk

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    Stop overlay attacks, key loggers, and other malicious technologies from stealing valuable user data

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    Encrypt communications channels to prevent eavesdropping and data exfiltration

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    Protect encryption keys and application data against prying eyes

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    Establish the integrity of the app and the device for trusted authentication of the user

Mobile security app

Mobile Security

Establish trust in untrusted mobile environments with easy, native integration of app security and app shielding features

Natively integrate app security, authentication and e-signing capabilities into your mobile apps with ease. Strengthen your app with app shielding—including runtime application self protection (RASP)—to prevent intrusions, tampering and reverse-engineering. RASP empowers your app to protect itself by autonomously detecting and mitigating malicious activity in real time.

Multi-factor authentication


Apply a broad range of strong authentication capabilities over the mobile channel

Implement an array of authentication options from PIN to fingerprint to facial recognition to truly frictionless behavioral biometrics into your existing Android and iOS mobile applications. Or easily tailor and deploy a stand-alone, secure mobile authenticator app using an intuitive configuration studio.

Adaptive Authentication

Powering Intelligent Adaptive Authentication

Step-up authentication only when necessary, without burdening customers

Gather, analyze, and score countless amounts of user, device, and transaction data points, in real-time, to determine the precise authentication requirements for each transaction. Provide a truly frictionless customer experience, while safe-guarding transactions and customer data.