Trusted Identity Platform Trusted Identity Platform

Trusted Identity Platform

A cloud-based platform that delivers the latest security technologies, including machine learning, and serves as the foundation for solutions that secure digital interactions across channels

Banks today face significant challenges stopping fraud even with the most advanced security technologies. Complexity, inconsistent user experiences, hard-to-meet compliance requirements, multiple languages and interfaces hide security vulnerabilities and keep business managers up at night.

The challenge is clearly how best to cut through this clutter and simplify authentication workflows to drive down operational costs, time-to-market, and, most importantly, create the best possible user experience across channels.

OneSpan dramatically simplifies stopping fraud and enhancing user experiences

The radically innovative approach of this platform delivers on simplicity with server side orchestration technology that easily integrates bank applications and services requirements via a single interface.

Using sophisticated machine learning, pre-configured rule sets are optimized to improve accuracy of fraud detection. Client/Server communications are encrypted via a secure channel to protect sensitive data.

Client-side orchestration intelligently executes authentication workflows and forwards comprehensive contextual data to the risk engine to further sharpen fraud detection.

Powerful technology. Simple APIs, interfaces and workflows.

TID platform server side

Advanced Technologies. Compelling Results.

Sophisticated technologies designed for performance and extensibility

  • A powerful risk analytics engine leverages machine learning to accurately detect fraud in real time
  • Orchestration seamlessly manages all server-side applications, services, and data
  • Easily create and deploy new authentication workflows with dramatically less coding
  • Simple, plug-and-play addition of new fraud tools, data sources, and services
  • A single interface simplifies utilization of all business apps and services
Authentication orchestration

Authentication Orchestration

The Core of Intelligent Adaptive Authentication

  • Optimal security and a consistent user experience across all digital devices and channels
  • Orchestration manages precise security actions based on level of risk; Step up authentication is initiated only for higher risk interactions
  • Add new authentication methods with NO application code changes

Comprehensive Capabilities

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    Client and server-side orchestration remove the need for hard coded logic which is costly, inflexible and complex

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    Risk Analytics

    Advanced risk analytics leverages powerful  machine learning to stop more fraud

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    Integration Hub

    Open architecture of the platform via simple API’s ensures quick utilization of new security technology

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    Extensive authentication options including hardware, biometrics, SMS, Push Notification, and color cryptograms deliver the best user experience

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    App Shielding

    Secure mobile apps by detecting malware, code-injection, and jailbreaking. Protect apps from both known and unknown attack vectors

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    Support for biometrics from face recognition to behavioral biometrics to achieve more frictionless security