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When working with PDFs and other digital file formats, we often are required to obtain signatures in certain areas of the documents. In the past, this task would require the signer to print the PDF file, fill out any fields that need to be completed by hand, and either return it in person or by fax. If the document needs more than one signer, the signer would find themselves chasing other people to sign the document in the appropriate areas. 

Today, the same individual would be able to simply use an e-signature solution like OneSpan Sign to start up a new e-signing workflow online. The process takes a few minutes and avoids the sender having to revert to paper documents at any time. It’s also just as easy to start on a windows machine, a Mac, or even an iPhone.

Add Signature to PDF and Maintain a Fully Digital Workflow

Keeping your signing workflow digital is easy with OneSpan Sign. Login to securely upload your PDF files, and then designate signers and their respective signature fields.  

During the free online signing process, an abundance of evidence is collected. In addition to capturing the intent to sign, OneSpan Sign timestamps all actions and embeds this information in audit trails that can visually replay the signing ceremony even years after obtaining a signature.  All you need is a web browser and Adobe Reader, a free download.

How to Add Signature to PDF Using OneSpan Sign

1.    Login to OneSpan Sign
2.    Create a new transaction
3.    Upload your PDFs
4.    Designate your recipients
5.    Assign signature fields on PDF
6.    Hit “Send”

There are many additional ways to customize the process, including setting up the right signature method, selecting the authentication process, and creating workflows. 

To learn more on how to add electronic signatures to your PDF documents, check out our free beginner's guide.

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