Sign Documents

Sign Documents Electronically with Ease

Most people think of using a pen and paper when faced with a situation that requires a document to be signed. Signing a document on paper leaves out evidence that could easily be acquired in a digital process. Signing documents online using secure tools like OneSpan Sign is easier than ever and provides much stronger legal protections. 

There’s many of reasons to sign virtually any document electronically instead of on paper. For one, it’s easier! When you send a document for e-signing, recipients will immediately be notified. Within a few minutes, or even seconds, you can have access to the electronically signed document, containing all audit trails needed to prove who signed and when. These audit trails are sealed with military-grade encryption technology to detect any changes.

On top of leveraging strong audit trails, using OneSpan Sign to send documents makes for a better experience for your signers. Our e-signature app allows recipients to sign documents in person or on the go using a mobile app or browser. No need to go through the hassle of printing, filling out, signing, and scanning. You can open the documents in your browser or mobile app and sign right then and there! No more wasting precious time looking through stacks of paper. Just login to OneSpan Sign to see all the documents you need to sign. 

Reasons to Sign Documents using OneSpan Sign

  • Better Signing Experience
  • Entirely Paperless Process
  • Faster Signing Workflow
  • Stronger Legal Protections
  • Lower Risk of Fraud
  • Lower Overall Cost

How to Get Started to Send and Sign Documents

Organizations and individuals that want to begin using e-signatures but are unsure of how to get started may check out our free beginner's guide to the technology.