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PDFs are a great universal standard for documents. Many organizations will store contract templates as well as other types of documents that require signatures in PDF format because it’s easily readable with free applications like Adobe Reader or other PDF readers, whether it be on a Mac, Windows, iPhone or Android device. 

PDF has helped to create a more paper-free world however when documents need to be signed many will see the need to print, sign, scan and email. There of course is a better option out there for those interested in keeping a fully automated process. 

Sign PDF Documents Online for Free

If a fully digital process is the end goal, then reverting to paper for a signing process would defeat the purpose. This would force the signer to print the PDF file, fill it out by hand, sign, scan, email back. If the process demands multiple signers, the sender would need to chase down every signer one by one. Instead, use OneSpan Sign to upload your PDF documents and send for signature in just a few simple steps!

How to Send a PDF for E‑Signature

  1. Sign in to OneSpan Sign
  2. Create a new transaction
  3. Upload your PDF
  4. Designate your signers and which signing order
  5. Send for signature

Signers will certainly appreciate not needing to download or install a third-party application in order to sign their documents online. Instead, signers receive an email notification to access their documents in a web browser. Best of all, you can replicate this process with virtually any file format including word documents. 

There are many additional ways to customize the process, including setting up a specific signature capture method, selecting the authentication process, and creating multi-party workflows. 

To learn more on how to personalize your pdf document signing process, check out our free beginner's guide

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