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Financial institutions, insurance companies, credit unions, government organizations, and more are digitizing their operations with electronic signature. Whether it is a mortgage application or a loan, these organizations need a way to capture the intent of their signers in a consistent and enforceable way.

What Is Electronic Signature?

Electronic signature” is a term used in a variety of ways. In the layman’s context, it is any signature you might make through a digital medium. This could be signing a PDF online, signing for your credit card transaction at a kiosk, or signing an electronic contract. 

However, electronic signatures are also a legal concept with a particular definition and legal requirements surrounding its proper use. Generally, there are three kinds of electronic signature recognized around the world:

  • Basic E-Signature: In its simplest form, the basic e-signature has a simple set of requirements. It must demonstrate the intent of the signer, must be applied by the individual associated with the signature, and associated with the document it was intended to sign.
  • Advanced E-Signature: The advanced e-signature has stricter requirements, and as a result is required in some countries for higher risk transactions. Most importantly, the advanced -signature authenticates signers before signing the agreement. 
  • Qualified E-Signature: The qualified e-signature has the most rigid requirements. Signers performing this signature must also posses a digital ID that they can only receive from a non-affiliated third part organization.

Sign PDF Online with OneSpan Sign

In a crowded market of e-signature providers, OneSpan stands out from the crowd and offers the best solution to sign a PDF online and capture electronic signatures.

1.    OneSpan Sign is trusted by some of the world’s leading brands to protect the most regulated B2B and customer-facing transactions taking place today.

2.    At OneSpan, we pride ourselves on offering the highest levels of customer support, earning the highest customer satisfaction score in the industry, according to this report from G2 Crowd. 

3.     OneSpan provides the ability to rebrand our whitelabeled solution to match your existing brand and colors. This allows you to deliver a seamless experience to your customers. 

4.     OneSpan offers the most deployment options for projects of any size, complexity, or budget.

5.     After each individual signs one of your electronic documents, that document is tamper-sealed to ensure that the integrity of the agreement remains intact.

6.     We understand that flexibility is essential to the success of e-signatures. OneSpan offers the most flexibility for customizing your devices, signers, channels, and workflows to optimize the efficiency and experience for all involved.

7.     OneSpan stands alone in the marketplace as the only e-signature provider to include a visual audit trail. The audit trail records the signing experience in real-time as experienced by the signer. Should the signer contest the document in court, the audit trail can quickly prove compliance and support your case.

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