Digital Agreements

Electronic Signature

Bring automation to your workflows with e-signatures to improve customer experience. Strengthen compliance and eliminate costs related to paper-based processes​ with OneSpan electronic signature

Immutable Storage with OneSpan Trust Vault for OneSpan Sign

OneSpan’s Trust Vault capability secures valuable agreements, contracts, and transactions – now and into the future. 

Leveraging an immutable blockchain, Trust Vault safeguards against unauthorized access and tampering, ensures the authenticity of digital documents, and addresses regulatory requirements for proof of origin, independent audit, and more.

OneSpan Sign ID Verification & Authentication

OneSpan Sign offers a range of ID verification and authentication options, so you can get documents electronically signed with confidence. You have the flexibility to choose the level of security you need.

We help ensure your agreements are safely accessed and signed only by the individuals they’re intended for with options including SMS, Q&A, knowledge-based (KBA), and government ID checks.

Qualified Electronic Signatures

Our electronic signature solution is designed to meet the requirements for all three forms of e-signature – the simple, advanced, and qualified e-signature.

OneSpan Sign provides comprehensive support for working with Trust Service Providers (TSPs) that issue certificate-based IDs used to validate the identity of signer. Our TSP partners are on the EU Trust List, enabling cross-border recognition of your electronic signatures in all member states of the EU.

Mobile E-Signatures

Send and sign documents on your Android and iOS mobile devices using our electronic signature mobile app

OneSpan Sign Connectors

We offer a number of pre-built connectors for third party applications like Salesforce, Workday, Pegasystems, Laserfiche, Guidewire, and Box, as well as Microsoft SharePoint and Dynamics 365. With these connectors, we’ve done all the integration work for you – no coding or IT resources necessary to enable digital signing inside the business applications that you know and use every day.


Success with the up-front application and eDisclosure delivery has spurred greater interest in eClosing. Because the closing is complex, involving strict rules for notarization, recording and tracking of the eNote, this has historically impeded adoption of an all-electronic process. Our solution goes beyond e-signing to fully automate your mortgage and lending workflows – from signature through to closing.