Risk Analytics Risk Analytics

Risk Analytics

A complete fraud solution that improves the speed and accuracy of detecting fraud across digital channels

Banks, and other businesses, need to accelerate digital channel growth while improving both user experience and security. In the past, businesses had to focus on one or the other. Not anymore.

OneSpan Risk Analytics achieves the twin goal of strong security and optimal user experience.

It analyzes vast mobile, application and transaction data, in real-time, to effectively detect fraud and dynamically step up security to stop fraudulent transactions, improving the customer experience and defeating sophisticated fraud.

Key features and capabilities of risk analytics that enable strong fraud detection

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    Continuous Authentication

    Risk analysis continuously looks for fraud and can step up security only when required

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    Simple Data Integration

    Configurable data integration technologies quickly fold in new data to spot emerging fraud better

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    Powerful Reporting

    Customizable reporting tools provide all required information while reducing demands on IT staff

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    Extensive Compliance Controls

    Granular control over all roles and rules, ensures the enforcement of strict separation of duties

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    Flexible Deployment Options

    Risk Analytics can be deployed on premise or as a cloud-based service

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    Multi-Tenant Design

    A multi-tenant architecture allows business units or clients to be partitioned

How It Works

Identify risk at critical steps, accurately predict risk levels, and automatically take action in real-time as fraud patterns are identified

See how OneSpan’s Risk Analytics analyzes vast mobile, application and transaction data, in real-time, to effectively detect fraud and dynamically step up security to stop fraudulent transactions.

Flexible Deployment

Strong fraud management technology available on-premises or in the cloud


Leverage your existing hardware investments, resources and related disciplines and infrastructure.

Seamlessly add Risk Analytics to your on-premises security capabilities to increase visibility and security across digital channels including mobile, online, ATM, and more.

Risk Analytics

Take advantage of cloud deployment benefits when utilizing Risk Analytics. Reduce operational costs of maintaining costly hardware and infrastructure. Leverage the vast security proficiency and resources of the cloud to ensure security policies are met.

Seamlessly and cost-effectively integrate cloud-based Risk Analytics into your organization to better manage fraud and reduce operational costs.

Intelligent Adaptive Authentication

Risk Analytics is at the heart of intelligent Adaptive Authentication and serves as the mechanism to intelligently manage authentication security requirements

Collecting key data across multiple channels

OneSpan’s intelligent Adaptive Authentication collects comprehensive data on the integrity of the device and mobile apps, the behavior of the user, transaction details and other key contextual data across all digital channels.

The depth of visibility through vast and disparate data collected across all key channels provides the richest foundation for accurate risk analysis.

Methods to determine emerging fraud techniques.

OneSpan’s intelligent Adaptive Authentication solution leverages the machine learning equipped risk analytics engine, at the core of our Trusted Identity Platform, to analyze and score each transaction to get the most clear and complete view of risk.

In addition to advanced machine learning technology, our solution also leverages extensive pre-configured rule sets. The powerful combination of machine learning and comprehensive rules provides the best method to detect both known and new, emerging fraud techniques.

Determine action.

OneSpan’s intelligent Adaptive Authentication takes action based on a precise risk score that leverages the extensive data collected across all key digital channels and the powerful risk analytics engine that created the most clear picture of risk for the specific transaction.

So every transaction is treated uniquely. Higher risk transactions will dynamically initiate a step-up authentication process and lower risk transactions are completed seamlessly.

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