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OneSpan Sign: Designed for speed and security in today's digital-first world

Today’s customers expect processes that can be completed quickly and securely

Streamline account opening with digital ID verification and eSignatures



Digital identity verification from OneSpan ensures that the people you do business with are who they say they are.

OneSpan Sign can help onboard more new customers with mobile ID capture and signing capabilities, to speed digital customer acquisition and reduce abandonment.

Learn more about OneSpan Sign. It’s designed to help you:

  • Acquire more customers, faster
  • Improve the customer experience​
  • Securely sign documents
  • Strengthen and simplify compliance measures


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We specialize in solving account opening business challenges

signature on a line with a stylus/pen

Partially automated processes result in poor experiences

Time-consuming paper-based processes increase callback rates, contributing to errors and abandonment.


It's critical to protect against identity fraud ​

Organizations face increased complexity around combatting fraud incidents and related exposure.

Offer Convenience and Flexibility

Compliance can be extremely challenging​

As business crosses borders, regulations vary — and are constantly evolving.

The solution

Digitize and secure every step in the digital account opening process


Digitize identity verification

OneSpan IDV removes the need for branch visits to verify customer identity.


Automate data capture

Together, OneSpan Sign and smart forms streamline the process of customer data collection.​


Digitize approval and signing​

OneSpan Sign removes the need to print, send, and sign paper documents.


Leverage digital audit trails​

OneSpan Sign captures records of everything the customer sees and does during the process.

Virtual Room

Apply a human touch

OneSpan Virtual Room can be used when in-person meetings are essential.


Secure your mobile applications

OneSpan App Shielding safeguards mobile users' sensitive data from cybercriminals.

Results that speak for themselves

Better customer experiences



higher completion rates boost the bottom line

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  Inefficiencies removed




recurring, saved annually

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  Faster account creation


8 minute


account openings

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How financial institutions can verify the identity of remote customers

Financial institutions face a rapidly changing lending landscape where digital account opening is now a necessity.

In this video, Conor Hickey, Director of Solution Engineering at OneSpan discusses how digital identity verification methods such as ID document verification and facial biometrics can be used to verify a remote customer’s identity online.


OneSpan has continued to offer a highly secure DTM offering due to its focus on regulated and compliance-driven markets.

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