OneSpan Sign Virtual Room

Recreate the power of a face-to-face meeting and get documents signed in a secure, live videoconferencing session with your customers ​

Introducing the OneSpan Sign Virtual Room​

Bring the Human Element to Your Remote Signing and Agreement Processes

In today's remote world, the human element is more important than ever before. For complex and high value agreements, consumers tend to turn to the channels where they can get human help. ​

​We help deliver a secure and interactive experience for complex, mediated agreements. Built-in e-signature, web-enabled videoconferencing, and rich collaboration features help you engage and transact with customers as humanly as possible.

OneSpan Sign Virtual Room

An all-in-one digital customer engagement solution that helps you guide customers through complex, multi-step financial agreement processes


Fast & Convenient

Built on OneSpan Sign with videoconferencing to eliminate the need for in-person meetings to review and sign documents.

Superior Experience

Real-time Assistance

Provide your customers with a "white-glove" experience to address questions in real-time and ensure they get the help they need. 


Fully Branded Experience

Fully white-label the e-sign process to keep the spotlight on your brand – from start to finish.


Secure Agreements

Data and documents are always secure – in transit and at rest. Digital signatures ensure document integrity.


Strong Electronic Evidence

Vendor-independent audit trails with the option to capture a video recording of the Virtual Room session.


All-in-One Solution

No need to patch multiple solutions together. The Virtual Room includes built-in videoconferencing, collaboration, e-signature, and recording capabilities.

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Recreate the Power of a Face-to-Face Meeting

Sample Use Cases​

  • Account Opening and Maintenance​
    Advisors can help customers open new accounts and manage changes to existing accounts.​​
  • Wealth Management​
    Advisors can help customers select the right products and complete investment strategy agreements.​
  • Insurance Policies and Claims​
    Agents and brokers can help customers apply for new insurance policies and submit claims.​
  • Automobile Financing​
    Dealers can help consumers complete vehicle financing and leasing agreements.​
  • Coming Soon: Remote Online Notarization (RON)​
    Commissioned notaries can facilitate the notarization of mortgage closing and lending documents.

How It Works

Explore the easy 5-step virtual signing process


All-in-One Solution

A single vendor solution with no need to patch multiple solutions together 

The Virtual Room delivers live electronic signature, videoconferencing, identity proofing, guided workflow, recording, and audit trail capabilities in a single solution. No additional software is required. 

Once enabled, your users can log in, upload documents, and start sending invites to customers to join a virtual signing session.

Acquire More Customers

A new digital channel to engage with customers and close deals – virtually 

Complete legally binding agreements that would otherwise require in-person contact. Review documents with your customers and clarify agreement terms and conditions in real-time to reduce missing and incorrect information in account applications and forms (i.e., eliminate Not in Good Order documents).

Remote signing with the OneSpan Sign Virtual Room is fast, convenient, and avoids unnecessary back-and-forth phone and email conversations. 

Virtual eBook 3D image

Bring a Human Connection to Remote Banking, Insurance, and Financial Services

Download this ebook to learn how the OneSpan Sign Virtual Room solution can recreate the power of the face-to-face meeting in your to end-to-end digital processes. 

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Secure Agreements

Automate your remote signing and agreement processes – securely 

Bank-grade security
Protect your data and documents with a solution that is hosted on world-class cloud infrastructure and uses digital signature encryption in accordance with the ISO 32000 standard. Visit the OneSpan Trust Center for our latest security, compliance, and availability information.

Identity proofing
Reduce fraud by verifying customer identity through a range of authentication and identity verification methods.

Capture a full recording of the screen share and video feed to strengthen compliance.

Audit trails
Capture every action related to the virtual session in a vendor-independent audit trail to provide reliable proof in the event of an audit or legal case.

The next-generation of e-signature is here

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